Banks Wage War on Gun Ownership


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The government has successfully weaponized the banks against the people. Major banks are voluntarily sharing customers’ private transactions with the federal government “as part of a wildly overbroad financial surveillance scheme intended to identify domestic terrorists,” a group of attorneys general wrote in a letter to Bank of America in regards to discrimination against Christian organizations. The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is now exposing how banks are cracking down on legal firearm ownership as Washington moves to nullify the Second Amendment.


“Over the last decade, significant media attention has been paid to the left’s obsession with using banks and asset managers to end fossil fuels. Unfortunately, very little attention has been given on the left’s use of certain banks to chip away at legal private ownership and use of firearms,” the AAF Research Team wrote to Fox Business. “Unfortunately, law-abiding Americans who exercise their 2nd amendment rights have a proverbial bullseye on their backs placed there, in large part, by certain banks and their left-wing comrades who want to undermine Americans’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”


The banks began by targeting gun manufacturers and refusing them the right to take out loans, not because of credit or anything quantifiable, but because banking institutions have taken on the role of judge and juror. “Debanked by the Banks” has called out Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, AMALGAMTED Bank, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Capital One for waging war on the second amendment.

“Due to the legislation, JPMorgan Chase & Co. won’t bid on business with public entities in Texas, a key market where the bank underwrote $3.6 billion of municipal debt sales in 2020. Texas-based borrowers sold more than $58 billion of bonds in 2020, the most of any state after California, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. As part of bond offerings, borrowers often hire banks ahead of time and pay them a fee for underwriting the sales,” the group listed on its website of one example. JPMorgan Chase is eager to set up the Ukraine Reconstruction Bank and had no problem financing the likes of Jeffery Epstein, but legal gun ownership does not align with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset as any power threatens the establishment.


This is certainly not limited to the United States. I wrote how the climate change zealots in the UK are prohibiting citizens in South Gloucestershire from lighting firewood, as one of countless examples. Individuals like Nigel Farage have been debanked for speaking against the status-quo, media contacts like Maria Zaric of Australia have been debanked for speaking out as well. The governments are using the banks to quell any dissent, be it through legal firearm protection, free speech, or the freedom of religion.

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