Alex Jones: I Already Knew the CIA-FBI was Running a Deep State Takedown Operation Against Me – It Came Out in Court in Connecticut – The FBI was a Party to It, Advising Them (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Infowars host and founder Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon on The War Room the day after undercover video revealed a CIA-FBI operative explaining how the FBI used their powers to bankrupt Alex and Infowars.

Alex Jones told Steve Bannon that President Trump needs to “fire their ass” and clean house at the deep state when he comes into office in 2025.


Alex Jones:  The Justice Department, CIA, and NSA are all in with big tech. That came out of the weaponization hearings. They’re using it against the people, and we don’t like open borders or devalued dollars. Then we’re called Russian agents when we’re the loyal Americans. We have the Justice Department, as you said earlier in your analysis, that since Biden got in, openly declared war on populist Christian Conservatives and are saying the largest political block of the country is the biggest threat to the nation when it’s the globalists that have sold out America to communist China and to all these globalist forces.

And so they really want to get the reauthorization of FISA, Marjorie Taylor-Green, used the case of this current CIA operative and former FBI agent who just got caught on video admitting that they’ve been running a deep state takedown operation against me. I already knew that. It came out in court in Connecticut in the staged trial where the judge already found me guilty that the FBI was a party to it and was advising them and going through all the discovery, trying to find something to put me in jail.

Steve Bannon: …Walk through what we now have found out about your particular situation.

Alex Jones: This Gavin O’ Blennis character has been at DHS for a long time. He’s a big liberal general, SJW, a social justice warrior. He then went and worked for the FBI, and now he works as a contract manager that manages the contracts and operations for the CIA.

He got caught by one of these project Veritas-style groups that previously last year helped bring down PornHub in Texas and triggered that criminal investigation when they caught the footage of executives at PornHub saying, “Yes, we target, and are trying to recruit children.” So this very respected group, Sound Investigation, is what they’re called. They were out doing a drag net research with undercover operatives, excuse me, Steve, of federal agents. And we were asking about persecution of people like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones.

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