AI may be the biggest propaganda weapon the world has ever seen and globalists are already lying about how it will be used


by Leo Hohmann, Leo’s Newsletter:

Patrick Wood conducts test to see how ChatGPT answers key questions

Sam Altman, the CEO of Open AI, says his AI product — called ChatGPT — is super intelligent yet neutral in its political persuasion.

Patrick Wood, editor in chief at Technocracy.News, decided to try a little experiment and he published the results in an article at his website. First, he points out that ChatGPT “learns from a woke Internet, and second, it is programmed to filter out narratives hostile to globalist elites.”


Wood got a paid subscription to ChatGPT and set out to prove, or disprove, Altman’s statements about the neutrality of this product.

Wood asked: “I am worried about the safety of mRNA-based vaccines. Should I be concerned or not?”

ChatGPT responded: “It’s completely normal to have concerns about new vaccines, like mRNA-based ones. However, it’s important to know that these vaccines have undergone rigorous testing for safety and efficacy before being approved for use. The mRNA technology has been studied for years and has shown promising results in protecting against diseases like COVID-19.”

ChatGPT expounded further, adding:

“If you have specific concerns or questions about mRNA vaccines, I recommend speaking with a healthcare provider or trusted medical professional. They can provide you with accurate information and address any worries you may have. Your health and well-being are important, so it’s always good to seek reliable sources for information.”

Wood then asked a more specific question: “In particular, I am worried about myocarditis.”

ChatGPT’s response?

“I understand your concern about myocarditis. Myocarditis is a rare side effect that has been reported after receiving mRNA vaccines, particularly in younger individuals. However, it’s essential to know that the risk of developing myocarditis after vaccination is very low compared to the risk of severe complications from COVID-19 itself.”

Wood’s conclusion?

“These answers read like a Pfizer or Moderna ad. Rigorous testing? Safety and efficacy? A rare side effect?”

All lies.

Wood goes on to report that new research will be presented later this month at the Conference of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, showing that the artificial intelligence-driven ChatGPT program dispenses propaganda in promotion of “vaccines” that comes directly from official public-health agencies.

Wood reports that in order to combat so-called “vaccine hesitancy,” ChatGPT has been programmed to push whoever uses it into taking whatever injections the government and media are pushing at any given time, arguing that they are all “safe and effective.”

A press release about the new research explains – supportively, mind you – that “vaccine hesitancy, directly linked to misinformation – false, inaccurate information promoted as factual – is on the rise.”

And this AI-powered propaganda extends way beyond the safety and efficacy of mRNA injections (I refuse to even call them vaccines).

Imagine what ChatGPT would say if a curious teenager asked it, “Is transgenderism good for me?” Or, what about a student doing research for a project asking “What are the benefits or detriments of gay marriage for the family and society?” Or how about this one: “Should abortion be regulated or restricted in a free and democratic society like America?” How about euthanasia?

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