The COVID Gene Jab. Inconvenient Truths.


by Robert Malone MD, MS, Who is Robert Malone:

Last fall I thought that the wall of propaganda deployed by the public-private partnership of western governments, WHO, WEF and NGO to support the COVID gene therapy technology-based “vaccines” would soon fall. I thought that the burden of evidence that the products were neither safe nor effective was overwhelming, and that the “official” lies had become unsustainable. Silly me. What I overlooked and underestimated was the power of the globalized censorship-industrial complex to literally distort reality and/or substitute a false synthetic reality for truth in large numbers of minds. For further details on how this works, I recommend the insights and documentation provided by Mike Benz and colleagues (Foundation for Freedom Online) and in particular the recent Tucker Carlson/Mike Benz interview.


Rather than the usual DC tactic of finding a convenient fall guy and pinning blame for this whole COVID fiasco on a sacrificial lamb (Tony Fauci/NIAID and Peter Daszak/Eco Health Alliance, for example), what has been done is to seek to completely avoid accountability by deploying heavy handed censorship, PsyWar, and propaganda techniques on local civilian populations as a way of obscuring and confusing the truth of the widespread mismanagement. This mismanagement has resulted in enormous and widespread economic damage, a global epidemic of excess all-cause mortality and morbidity, and deep damage in public trust in governmental organizations and their integrity.

And as even those methods are proving incapable of preventing inconvenient “COVID vaccine” facts from spreading via alternative media, governments are now resorting to criminalizing the sharing of inconvenient truths.

Turn your attention to France right now. In the dead of night, a new law slipped through the General Assembly that would make it a crime to criticize mRNA shots. Critics call it the Pfizer law. It calls for fines of up to 45,000 euros and possibly three years in prison for debunking an approved medical treatment.

Similar legislation is currently pending in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Nothing says “safe and effective” quite like prison time and fines for publicly questioning whether a medical product is safe and effective.

Currently, there is a concerted global effort to not only prevent distribution of the actual facts concerning the damages done by the global public health response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but to quite literally criminalize those who seek to share those facts.

All this despite the CDC now considering COVID signs, symptoms and risks similar to those of other common respiratory viruses, and no longer recommending a five day isolation period for COVID.

What are those inconvenient facts which cannot be shared?

  1. The modified mRNA and adenoviral vectored products are not “traditional” vaccines, employ cutting edge gene delivery or gene therapy technologies, and should be regulated as gene therapy products.
  2. These “leaky” products did not prevent infection, replication, and spread of SARS-CoV-2, and indiscriminate mass administration of these products contributed to evolution of more antibody-resistant viral strains.
  3. In contrast to official HHS communications, these products distribute throughout the body after injection, and are not localized to injection site and associated lymph nodes.  This wide distribution contributes to product toxicity and risk, as the body responds by mounting inflammatory responses to both the genetic delivery particles themselves as well as the encoded proteins which these products cause the body to manufacture in the cells and tissues which receive these products.
  4. The viral “spike” protein which these products cause patients’ bodies to manufacture is a genetically engineered toxin.
  5. The lipid nanoparticle formulation used to deliver the modified mRNA has intrinsic toxicity in humans.
  6. These products do not deliver natural messenger RNA, but rather a synthetic chemically modified form with extended stability which cause the body to produce “frameshifted” unnatural, unintended proteins.
  7. These products are contaminated with previously undisclosed short DNA fragments which are co-delivered into tissues and cells of patients (together with the modified m-RNA), and which at an unknown and uncharacterized frequency damage patients’ genomes.
  8. Analysis of public databases clearly demonstrate a causal relationship between administration the these products and a variety of toxicities including cardiac damages, central and peripheral nervous system damages, damage associated with abnormal blood clotting, and death.

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