Russia Says It Has Killed 491 Americans in Ukraine


from The National Pulse:

Russia’s Defense Ministry released a report on Thursday stating that their forces have killed approximately 6,000 foreign mercenaries and volunteers who were fighting for Ukraine. The report alleges that a total of 13,387 “foreign mercenaries” from foreign countries have participated in the war since its commencement over two years ago.Among the killed foreign fighters, Russia reports 491 were American fatalities. The estimated number of British casualties is 360, and 422 deaths from Canada. The highest number of foreign fighters were Polish, accounting for 1,497 deaths out of the total 2,690 reported.


UK Prime Minister Liz Truss encouraged Western fighters to volunteer for Ukraine during the early stages of the Russian invasion. The U.S. also brazenly endorsed Ukraine’s foreign recruitment efforts via online platforms, even on social media platforms such as Facebook. But as the war hit a stalemate and the casualty rates soared, Western officials appeared to recede from their initial enthusiasm.

The negative repercussions of these endorsements were evident in the case of a young British man. Harry Gregg, who recently committed suicide after fighting in Ukraine, was reportedly motivated by the proclamations of Truss, who described those fighting for Ukraine as participants in a “battle for democracy.”

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