Russia Has Spoken… And the Elitist West Grumbles


by Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture:

The Russian Federation conducted an impressive presidential election with civility and efficiency despite a concerted attempt by the Western powers to sabotage it.

A nation of 143 million people and 112 million voters covering a vast geographic territory encompassing 11 time zones (out of the Earth’s total of 24 zones) went to the polls over a three-day period (March 15-17) to facilitate democratic participation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was re-elected from four candidates, winning 88 percent of the vote. It was the Russian Federation’s seventh presidential election as a modern state formed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Putin wins a sixth term in office which will take him to 2030 as the head of the Russian state.


The voter turnout was the highest ever at 74 percent (67.5 percent at the last election in 2018). This time around, Putin won significantly more votes than he had in his previous four elections.

The impossibility of Western propaganda is staggering. Western claims that such a mass demonstration of Russian democratic power was somehow “rigged” or a “farce” only served to show how desperately Russophobic the West is. For, if the Western narrative were true, it implies that the whole of Russia is a nation of dupes and dummies with no free will.

The United States and its NATO minions tried their best to sabotage the Russian election – and failed miserably.

On the one hand, there was a surge in terrorist attacks against Russia’s regions bordering Ukraine. Several Russian civilians were killed and injured from artillery shelling and drone attacks on polling stations in Belogorod, Zaporozhye, and Kherson. There were also attempted border incursions by NATO-backed Ukrainian forces in Bryansk and Kursk regions.

Then, in conjunction, there was a massive effort by Western forces to foment sabotage by agents within Russia.

Before the elections opened there were amped-up claims in the West about the so-called “Noon Against Putin” protest. This was supposed to manifest on the final day of voting when the polling booths would be crowded by anti-Putin protesters. The protest was called by Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Alexei Navalny, the CIA figure who died in prison last month.

One Western headline read: “Wave of drones target Russia as opposition [sic] calls for mass protest on final election day.”

The France 24 report (since scrubbed) went on: “Russia’s opposition has called on people to head to the polls at midday in what they hope will be a legal show of strength against Putin.”

Note how the West takes it upon itself to define the Russian “opposition” that in reality is a tiny clique of agents and opportunists associated with a former CIA asset whose widow and other supporters live in pampered exile in Berlin.

As it turned out the so-called “Noon Against Putin” was nothing like a high noon moment and very much a non-event. A psy-ops chimera dreamt up by Western intelligence services that the Western media launder to the public as “journalism” and “reports”.

The wave of disinformation that the West tried to bombard Russia and the world with about a “pro-democracy showdown” turned out to be a huge anti-climax, a delusion of the West’s own impossibly contrived propaganda.

On the other hand, the waves of drones and other terrorist attacks on Russia’s border regions were real enough. Still, those murderous assaults only seemed to have galvanized the Russian people even more to support Putin and the policy of defeating the U.S.-led NATO aggression out of Ukraine.

Incredibly, Western arrogance portrays the killing of Russian civilians as a legitimate supplementary form of “supporting democracy”, that is, sponsoring sabotage.

There were a few minor incidents of individuals trying to spoil votes at polling stations. However, such incidents were negligible in the scale of the entire election process.

In his victory speech, Putin was right to comment that the denigration by the Western powers about the Russian election is to be expected. What else to expect? They are enemies who are waging a proxy war against Russia.

Besides, the Western official view is ultimately irrelevant anyway. There is no need to even be offended or made feel apologetic by such denigration.

As Putin pointed out, the United States is the least qualified to pontificate to others about democracy when it is patently nothing but an oligarchic puppet show. Even its former president Jimmy Carter has acknowledged that.

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