Saturday, May 18, 2024

We are funding more modRNA COVID poisons, Biden’s project NextGen


by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

They want the new jabs to be in you forever! #saRNA

The Biden Administration is just not content with the billions of dollars they have transferred to their Big Pharma partners through the poisonous COVID vaccine program. No – they want to send them more. Enter Project NextGen.

Project NextGen is (again) being run as a “national security project (DOD project with BARDA and BioDefense are all over this), so there will be zero transparency. What we do know is they are working on vaccines that can impact you if you breathe them and also vaccines that are based on saRNA (self-amplifying RNA).


These lab-created RNA particles get into your system and self-replicate forever, meaning that you can continue to get all the benefits you are seeing from the current mRNA jabs forever… like blood clots, heart issues, cancer, and VAIDS… sounds like a great use of our taxpayer money.


(18) Tom Renz on X: “Yes – the modRNA COVID shots by Pfizer and Moderna are likely causing cancer. I believe that #Pfizer – sponsors of #SuperBowl2024 – was aware of the risks and, with their corrupt partners in the FDA, downplayed them to the public. My article (below) is very well cited and argues…” / X (

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