Top Epidemiologist Testifies: ‘Bioweapons Industry’ Created Covid & Vaccines


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A world-renowned epidemiologist has given an explosive testimony before a Senate roundtable where he alleged that the Covid virus and mRNA vaccines were created by the “bioweapons industry.”

Dr. Harvey Risch, the Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at Yale University, explained that the pandemic was engineered as part of an elaborate scheme to boost funding for bioweapons research by making the industry appear to be serving in the interests of public health.


According to Risch, the COVID-19 leak from a U.S. Taxpayer-funded bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China, provided the perfect pretext for the bioweapons industry to justify its existence by stepping in and posing as humanity’s savior.

The revelations came during a roundtable meeting hosted by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Monday.

The event was titled: “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?”

During his testimony, Risch explained how the bioweapons industry has been exploiting a loophole in the Biological Weapons Convention treaty of 1975.

The treaty allowed for “small quantities of offensive bioweapons…to be developed in order to do research on vaccine countermeasures.”

“This loophole was then exploited by our bioweapons industry for the last 50 years,” Risch explained.

“The bioweapons treaty limited offensive bioweapons to agents that would address vaccine development, so-called dual-use agents, or dual-use research.

“And this was the premise and motivation of the various virology grant applications…”

Risch also pointed out that commercial vaccines are typically deployed before a pandemic starts, “not in the middle of one.”

“So, my hypothesis, what I believe is that both the virus origin cover-up and the forced vaccination of the entire planet or orchestrated to protect the integrity of the bioweapons industry,” the Yale professor said.

Risch continued by explaining why the virus’s origins needed to be covered up by the bioweapons industry.

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