Macron ignites controversy with comments about Western troops possibly joining fight against Russia


by Leo Hohmann, Leo’s Newsletter:

The trajectory of Western actions has been led by its war rhetoric and that trajectory has always been toward a direct fight with Russia. They seek regime change and will not stop until they get it.

Talk of sending NATO troops into Ukraine has finally broken into the wide open, prompting Russia to warn that “a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia will be inevitable” if Western troops become engaged.


The discussion was sparked by an emergency meeting on Ukraine called by French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, who appears the most publicly supportive of a NATO deployment directly against Russia. President Macron said that sending Western soldiers to Ukraine “could not be ruled out” and that “we must do whatever we can to obtain our objective.”

Noting there was no consensus in favor of going to war with Russia at the moment, Macron compared that reluctance to all of the many other “red lines” crossed by NATO in the past two years, which had gone from European nations just giving Ukraine “sleeping bags and helmets” in 2022 to donating battle tanks and cruise missiles in 2023 and preparing to hand over advanced jet fighters in 2024.

“Nothing should be excluded. We will do everything that we can to make sure that Russia does not prevail,” Macron said, while expressing his belief Russia was preparing to take more territory, not just in Ukraine, but in other countries too, reports The Times.

That last part is, of course, the big lie that they always throw at us. Russia is expansionist. Russia wants to resurrect the old Soviet Empire. All the while, the only one expanding is NATO. In the last few months, NATO has added two more countries and now almost completely surrounds Russia’s western border with its militarized allies.

In a classic display of good cop-bad cop, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg issued a denial Tuesday that the alliance was planning to send troops to fight in Ukraine, following 24 hours of public discussion among member states, which also triggered a threat from Moscow about their response to any troop deployment.

It’s time for we the people to get real and call this out for what it is: Naked aggression by a desperate U.S.-led empire that is rapidly fading in power and prestige on the world stage.

Empires never dissolve themselves or go down without a fight. They implode in an avalanche of internal chaos, often at the same time they are fighting wars with hostile nations that sense the Empire has grown weak.

Macron is nothing but a puppet of the financial kingpins who have propped up this empire. They created it and they’ve have funded it since the end of World War II and the creation of its supporting institutions, the U.N., IMF, BIS, World Bank, and all of its most powerful multinational corporatins. These are the same globalist entities, banks and multinational corporations, that have benefitted from the hardworking middle class for decades and now that they’ve milked it for all it’s worth and driven up the national debt to astronomical levels that can never be paid back, they want to destroy it and replace it with something else. A digital track-and-trace economy. They envision global carbon credits, CBDCs, digital IDs, and social-credit scoring of the masses.

They’ve taken almost all there is to take, and they’ve alienated most of the world in the process.

They’re acting like a spoiled-rotten bully used to getting his way until someone finally stands up to him. He will lash out in reckless violence hoping to bloody up some others on the way to his defeat.

Macron is repeating the same tired talking points of the Western military-industrial complex. These talking points are meant to manipulate public support through fear mongering and a boatload of lies and half-truths, accusing America’s enemies of exactly what America and its allies have become. A military aggressor that meddles in the governments of nations around the world, conducting color revolutions and provoking endless wars.

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