Polish Farmers to Block Entire Border with Ukraine as well as Transport Hubs, Railway Depots and Seaports (Update)


by Julian Rose, Activist Post:

After the shock discovery of thousands of tons of illegal Ukraine rapeseed at a fuel, gas train and truck depot near the Ukraine border, Polish farmers vowed to step-up their actions against all food imports from outside the EU and increase pressure on Brussels and the Polish government to abandon the implementation of ‘Green Deal’ and outlaw uncontrolled mass food imports entering Poland.

NSZZ RI Solidarity on 9 February 2024, announced a 30-day farmers’ general strike, which was met with unprecedented support from the entire agricultural community and the public.

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A Press Release of 16/02/2024 from National Solidarity Farmers Union on the general strike of farmers states:

“We know that this is only the beginning of a long road to victory….

The problem of profitability of agricultural production, processing and other industries in our country is the uncontrolled influx of goods from Ukraine, which are being imported due to the opening of the EU border with the country.

Therefore, for February 20, as part of the 30-day general strike of farmers, we announce that all protest activities will be focused on the complete blockade of all border crossings of Poland with Ukraine and protests in the field.

Not only border crossings will be blocked but also transport hubs and access roads to transshipment rail stations and seaports.

…Our actions have only one goal:

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