3 Existential Threats That We Are Facing Right Now Which Could Potentially Result In Millions Of Dead Americans


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

In recent years, there has been one enormous crisis after another. We live at a time of major wars, global pestilences and billion dollar natural disasters. Millions have died over the last several years, and I believe that millions more will die during the years ahead. In fact, there are several existential threats that we are facing right now which could potentially result in millions of dead Americans. I wish that I was exaggerating but I am not.

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Throughout human history, great pestilences have killed millions of people many times.

Today, our scientists are taking some of the deadliest diseases ever known to humanity and are purposely trying to make them “more infectious”.  Here is just one example

The US government is spending $1million of American taxpayer money to fund experiments on dangerous bird flu viruses in collaboration with Chinese scientists.

The research involves infecting ducks and geese with different strains of viruses to make them more infectious, and study the viruses’ potential to ‘jump into mammalian hosts,’ according to research documents.

It is being funded through the US Department of Agriculture and collaborating studies will take place at sites in Georgia, Beijing and Edinburgh in Scotland.

Are they insane?

According to the CDC, bird flu has a death rate of more than 50 percent in humans.

And these researchers want to make it “more infectious”?

As I have repeatedly warned my readers over the years, this type of research really is an existential threat to humanity.

It is way too easy for an accident to happen, and once a dangerous bug gets out it can spread around the globe in the blink of an eye.

And the head of the WHO is warning that the timing of the next great global outbreak is “a matter of when, not if”

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) made yet another warning of an impending “Disease X” outbreak, with Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus telling world leaders it is “a matter of when, not if.”

At the World Government Summit, held in Dubai from February 12-14, Ghebreyesus told attendees his previous predictions came to fruition in the form of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Now, the W.H.O. director believes a new pandemic, for which the international community is ill-prepared, is on the horizon.

Renewing urgent calls for a global pandemic treaty to be agreed upon by May, Ghebreyesus dismissed suspicions of the treaty being a W.H.O. power-grab and called it “mission critical for humanity.

Of course strange diseases are already making headlines all over the globe.

Here in the U.S., we witnessed the first ever death from “Alaskapox” in late January

An unidentified immunocompromised man died from “Alaskapox” in late January.

He lived in the woods of the Kenai Peninsula by himself, and it’s unclear how he contracted the virus.

Alaskapox – from the same genus as smallpox and monkeypox – was first discovered in 2015 in Fairbanks and is more common in small mammals.

This is the seventh human case overall, the first outside the Fairbanks area, and the first to lead to death.

And it is being reported that there is a confirmed case of the bubonic plague in Oregon

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