Let “The Great New York City Boycott” Begin. Conservatives To NEW YORK: “DROP DEAD.”


by Wayne Allyn Root, Root For America:

The greatest President of my lifetime, who loves this country and wants to make it great again, was just framed and publicly lynched by the government, politicians, prosecutors and court system of New York City.

Trust me, New York City is going to wish they never played this game. They may not know it yet, but New York City just committed financial suicide.

Stay tuned for a strategy to bring New York City to its knees. 

I was born and raised in New York. I graduated from Columbia University in New York City. My first apartment as an adult was in New York City. Even in the past three decades since I left, I’ve looked forward to my many business trips each year to New York.

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I’ve always been proud of being from New York. I’ve given business speeches around the world about using “New York Attitude” to enjoy mega-success in the business world. All ex-New Yorkers live forever in Billy Joel’s words, “in a New York state of mind.”

Not anymore. New York is now dead to me.

New York City has become a cesspool of mental illness, wokeness, communism, and hatred towards conservatives and patriots.

Even worse, the Democrat politicians of New York suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” As a result, they have weaponized New York government against President Trump in a way that represents a combination of Soviet KGB, East German Stasi, and Nazi Gestapo.

The time to stop this madness is now- before it gets far worse. Today it’s Trump. Tomorrow it’s you and me. New York City must be made an example. So this never happens again in America.

And I know how to do it.

I wrote the books on how to stop this Marxist woke madness- by boycotting, punishing and defunding the companies on the left.

Both my books were #1 bestsellers- “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” and “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” The latter was endorsed by President Trump.

So, this is my expertise. And it works! Look no further than what conservatives and patriots have done to Bud Light. We brought them to their knees like never before. Their brand lies in ruins. They may never recover.

It’s time to make New York City the next Bud Light.

The more Democrats try to destroy Trump with fake charges, the more popular he becomes. I’m betting there are now 100 million Americans on Trump’s side after the past year of government weaponization, persecution, indictments and judgements against the one man who stands in their way.

How did we destroy Bud Light? 100 million conservative and patriotic Americans (an exact match with Trump’s base) all aimed our cannons at one company.

That was the key: Teamwork, discipline, determination, patience. We can’t boycott everyone. We can’t afford to divide our focus. But if 100 million of us all row in the same direction, we can win this battle.

We just proved that with Bud Light.

But we can’t afford to divide our attention. Like Bud Light, let’s all focus on one city- New York City.

All 100 million of us must boycott New York City. No more vacations there. No business trips. No more attending conventions. No Christmas trips to see the Rockettes and the tree at Rockefeller Center. No more clothes shopping on Fifth Avenue. No Broadway shows. No more spending at hotels or fancy restaurants. Just say, “NO!”

Ask every store or online site you buy from, “Are you based in New York City?” If they are, find someone else to buy from.

Truckers must stop all deliveries and shipments to New York City. If you own a business and sell supplies to stores in New York City, cut them off.

But this isn’t just about a boycott. This is about intimidation. We must mentally crush them. Don’t just stop spending…

LOUDLY AND PROUDLY, let them know why. 

Call all your favorite hotels, department stores, Broadway theatres, and restaurants in New York City, and let them know you will never spend another cent with them because of the way New York City treats President Trump. They need to be swamped with calls and emails. They need to know what kind of nightmare they’re facing.

And for the final step, every conservative, Republican, patriot and Christian who lives in New York- get out now. Sell your home, your property, your business. Run for your life.

Result? There goes the tax base. Without the business owners and high- income earners (ie Republicans and conservatives), who will pay the bills? Without your taxes, New York will starve.

Besides, life is so much better in places like Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Phoenix, Nashville and Las Vegas. Taxes are much lower, houses are bigger, the sun is always out. And you are free to be a Republican or conservative without fear of being persecuted.

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