Why Alex Soros Is Demanding More Money for Globalist Incubator Ukraine


by Leo Hohmann, Leo’s Newsletter:

This isn’t about greed or stopping Russia. This is about prolonging the war and keeping their launching pad of corruption intact. News portion generated from corporate media reports.

J.D. Rucker drops a truth bomb in his new article, posted below, spelling out the real reason whey the Western puppet governments must continue shelling out billions in military hardware to Ukraine. I myself have previously reported that the New World Order runs through Ukraine, and now Rucker provides more evidence. Modern Ukraine is “a creation of Obama” and globalist forevercrat Victoria Nuland at the US State Department. – Leo Hohmann

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Editor’s Commentary: This article was sent to me titled, “Globalists Panic: Alex Soros Declares We Must Not Abandon Ukraine.” I took great editorial liberty in changing it and added commentary before the news because the underlying message can easily be missed.

George and Alex Soros, along with their globalist buddies in the World Economic Forum, United Nations, NATO, and the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, do not view Ukraine the way American leftists and NeoCons do. In America, most of the ongoing support for sending taxpayer dollars to Ukraine is driven by the Military Industrial Complex enacting their will on their puppets in Washington DC. It’s mostly driven by greed.

For the Globalist Elite Cabal, the stakes in Ukraine are far greater than making a quick buck. It is the cesspool of corruption from which they’re able to launch their most important initiatives in Europe. This is why it was so important for Barack Obama and the Deep State to initiate the color revolution in the nation in 2014. And it’s why Alex Soros is working hard to keep the money and weapons flowing in.

Keep in mind that they do not believe Ukraine can actually win. In fact, they don’t care about the outcome at all. What they want is for the war to be prolonged. The longer it lasts, the easier it is for the globalists to assert their will. The more damaged Ukraine is when (if?) a winner is finally declared, the better it will be for the aforementioned globalist groups as well as their financiers in BlackRock, Vanguard, central banks, the IMF, and the BIS.

Modern day Ukraine was built by Obama and his underlings to be a black hole from which truth cannot escape. Massive money laundering goes undetected in Ukraine. Bioweapons can be built with less scrutiny than in Communist China. Weapons can be brought in and divvied out to whatever nation or terrorist organization suits the needs of the globalists. Hamas and Hezbollah are recent recipients of military aid that was laundered through Ukraine.

In short, this is not just another globalist virtue signaling for Ukraine. It’s a public statement of the panic the cabal is feeling over the prospects of aid not flowing to Ukraine from the United States. It is imperative that Republicans use the limited power they have in the House to prevent further funding of the globalists’ machinations. With that said, here’s the news itself generated from corporate media reports…

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