Wednesday, April 24, 2024

I’ll find you the crime!


by Ted Noel MD, America Outloud:

Joseph Stalin’s enforcer Lavrentiy Beria was infamous for saying, “Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.” There is no better description of the rush to punish Donald Trump than that statement. The Democrat Crime Syndicate is trying to be the unstoppable force but is crashing against the immovable object known as “45.”

The litany of the persecution of Donald Trump would fill volumes. The vitriol with which it is prosecuted begs the question: “Why?” What is it about Donald Trump that inspires such a psychotic response in his enemies? Outside of the Beltway, I think of a friend I worked with closely for decades who is impervious to facts when Trump is discussed. And it seems that most of the drive-by media is similarly afflicted. There’s a virus in their biological computers that blocks proper functioning. But what is so important that “America First” becomes an evil “dog whistle?”


At the risk of becoming theological, the prophet Jeremiah gave us the answer:

The human mind is more deceitful than anything else. It is incurably bad. Who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9 NET)

A good society is one in which an individual gets to keep what he earns, and no one is allowed to steal it from him. But it is human nature to try to take things that don’t belong to you. And if you get into a higher-level government job, you have the authority to make people give things to you. You have the power to take what I create at the point of a gun. And because you are from the government, you can make yourself think that you are all goodness and light because “the government works for the good of the people.”

Donald Trump has placed himself directly between us and this flood of evil. He has literally pledged his life, fortune, and sacred honor to this task. In his first term, he was unable to drain the Swamp because his reflex was to hire experts. The Swamp nominated such experts as Anthony Fauci, with fully predictable results. Once burned, a wiser Donald Trump will implement Schedule F immediately, and that will let him fire any bureaucrat who resists. But that won’t stop the current flood of lawfare.

Lawsuits in almost every state tried to have Trump kicked off the ballot as an “insurrectionist.” The Supreme Court is likely to throw all of them into File 13 since the President is not “an officer of the United States,” subject to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. But defending himself pokes a hole in his wallet.

Jack Smith, a private citizen who occupies a non-existent office, is still operating with the support of a corrupt Department of “Justice,” insisting that every act done by a sitting President is subject to later review in criminal court. Trump is properly insisting that as long as the President is plausibly involved in doing his job, he is utterly immune from prosecution. He’s not suggesting that he can shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not end up in the dock, because that’s not “within the outer perimeter of his responsibilities.” The Supreme Court has not officially taken the case, but it’s very likely they will, and will show Smith the door. But that’s another hole in Trump’s wallet.

E Jean Carroll defamed Donald Trump by accusing him of rape in print. She couldn’t remember the year, claimed she was (illegally!) trying on lingerie, and was wearing a DKNY outfit that hadn’t been created yet. Trump defended himself by saying she was lying. Had he sued her for defamation, he might have avoided this legal mess, but hindsight is 20/20. She sued for defamation, and he was denied the opportunity to present a defense, ultimately having to appeal. Then the state of New York passed a one-year special law designed to allow her to sue him for the rape he didn’t commit and defamation that was a legitimate denial of that alleged crime. Carroll was the first into the courthouse, and the judge again denied Trump the ability to present a defense. His legal fees are starting to turn his wallet into a sieve, and the court declared he had to pay $85 million or so.

At this point, one has to wonder just how much one person can take. But Donald Trump has literally pledged his life, fortune, and sacred honor to defend us. So when a New York judge declares Trump guilty of fraud before any evidence is presented, it’s more of the same. New York law says he has to pay the absurd $455 million penalty before appealing. That’s right. He gets impoverished before he can be vindicated. The process is the penalty. And it makes no difference that a fraud requires you to lie to someone in a way that induces them to act based on your lie. Not one financial institution took Trump at his word. They carefully followed state and federal law and substituted their own judgment for his opinion before doing business with him. And they all said they’d happily do it again because he paid off all his loans on time and made them bundles of money.

How many of us would be willing to go through this sort of evil? General Flynn was trapped in a prosecution for allegedly lying to the FBI. He was set up and then completely impoverished by the legal process. When his son was threatened, he threw in the towel, even though he was completely innocent. He lacked the resources to continue.

We are fortunate to have such a champion standing in the breach. Donald Trump, for whatever his flaws, loves America and the American Dream. The Left hates America. Its dream is that the government should be free to steal anything and everything you worked your butt off to create in order to give it to someone who won’t get off his own butt. This will make them more and more powerful. The few will have great privilege, while everyone else will have “equity.” They’ll be equally poor.

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