Biden WH Developing AI to Censor Americans


from The National Pulse:

The Biden regime is spending millions to create AI tools that can be used to “combat mis/disinformation” on social media, targeting veterans and people in rural communities.

The details: House Republicans released a report yesterday highlighting how the regime’s National Sciences Foundation (NSF) has distributed millions of dollars in funding to elite universities under a program called “Trust & Authenticity in Communication Systems.”


Their goal is to create tools that can identify “misinformation” that targets people with “vulnerabilities to disinformation methods.”

Who are those people with ‘vulnerabilities’? One MIT researcher on the project specifically referred to “military veterans, older adults, military families” and those in “rural and indigenous communities.” So conservatives…

  • This researcher told the NSF that “broad swaths of the public cannot effectively sort truth from fiction online.”

What sort of “misinformation” are they targeting? A researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said they were focused on “skepticism regarding the integrity of U.S. elections and hesitancy related to COVID-19 vaccines.”

Big picture: While we don’t know what the timeline or end game is for this project, the legitimate concern is that it could be deployed by social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube ahead of the 2024 election to censor information that the regime deems unfavorable – just like they did with the Hunter Biden laptop story days before the 2020 election.

What happens next? House Republicans have subpoenaed the Biden regime agency, demanding their director Sethuraman Panchanathan “hand over all internal records discussing the suppression or restriction of online content.”

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