$30+ Silver is Inevitable with Craig Hemke


by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

In this engaging discussion, Kerry hosts Craig Hemke to delve into the dynamics of the precious metals market. Hemke kicks off the conversation by analyzing the recent breakout in the market, just as the Federal Reserve began to cut interest rates. He outlines the various factors currently influencing the market’s performance and discusses the potential for a significant surge in precious metals as the economy shows signs of downturn. They explore the challenges of using chart analysis in this uncharted market territory, including the strategic efforts by banks to manipulate market perceptions with a projected double top in pricing, particularly as precious metals reach all-time highs. The dialogue also covers broader economic indicators and monetary policies that could impact the gold market. Both speakers express caution about the current exuberance in the sector, pointing to exploding debt levels and a weakening banking sector as potential risks that could affect both the economy and gold prices.

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Additionally, the historical role of gold as a stabilizer in monetary systems is discussed, along with the cyclical nature of wars, economic bubbles, and inflation. The conversation concludes with a prompt to visit tfmetalsreport.com for more insights from Craig Hemke.

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