“12-SIGMA EVENT” — And it could get worse—MUCH WORSE!


from State Of The Nation:

Insurance Industry’s Actuarial Data Reveals
True Scope Of Exploding Public Health
Disaster Caused By Covid ‘Vaccines’
SOTN Editor’s Note: Decades prior to serving as one of the editors of State of the Nation, I was a both a Personal Financial Planner and Business Financial Consultant.  During the estate planning aspects of servicing my clients needs I was involved with all of the different types of insurance products and services.  My father was a Chartered Financial Consultant and a crackerjack insurance broker, so I learned that business early on from him before joining his firm.  The key point here is that I became acutely aware of the industry golden rule that “actuarial data” reigns supreme and is therefore taken very seriously or else the company can go bust. (So we know the actuarial data is extremely accurate — post-Covid vaccine — because it has to be.)
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So, when SOTN received the following submission, we knew just how serious a situation we were facing in the aftermath of the implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda and subsequent Extinction Level Event. For the hard actuarial data does not lie. Yes, it can somehow be suppressed; but eventually talk of the unheard of “12-SIGMA EVENT” will leak out and eventually cause a sea change insurance industry-wide…which will then ripple through the Reinsurance Industry, and then through the entire Financial Services Industry.

In light of the early information published by VAERS concerning the Covid vaccine-induced deaths and injuries nationwide, it was clear from the outset that the U.S. military deployment of the weaponized Covid injections was a highly premeditated genocide of the American people.  However, the much greater manmade tragedy here concerns the countless vax-induced medical ailments and health conditions which have been reported by VAERS.  In point of fact, it has been proven that even the VAERS statistics only account for 1% to 10% of the actual deaths and vaccine injuries caused by the Covid shots.  Which is why this is now a”12-SIGMA EVENT“.

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