Forget “climate change”; here’s what’s really going on with those absolutely massive California tidal waves…


from Revolver News:

The recent tidal waves in California present an ominous and striking sight, don’t they? They’re the ideal setting for yet another climate alarm. But don’t be fooled by the global warming radicals yet again. This isn’t a symptom of a climate emergency; it’s simply “weather,” a natural phenomenon that has been occurring on Earth for millions of years. And the weather videos that we’ve collected for you below really are wild.


Collin Rugg has the backstory and a must-see video:

NEW: California is getting wrecked by massive waves up to 25 feet, damaging homes, vehicles and beaches.

Massive tides destroyed trucks as well as RVs in Pismo beach.

Unfortunately, the situation is supposed to worsen going into the weekend.

“We are dealing with potentially deadly conditions at the beaches so we really just encourage everyone to stay away from the water and be prepared for coastal flooding,” said meteorologist Ariel Cohen.

Surfers are taking advantage of the waves at “The Wedge,” a popular beach break in Southern California.


Ventura, California, also got hit with massive waves.

Pacifica, CA:

More Pacifica:

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