Epstein Victim Virginia Giuffre Saw Clinton, Gore on ‘Pedo Island’ – Court Docs


by Jack Montgomery, The National Pulse:

Unsealed court documents related to dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein contain allegations that both Bill Clinton and his former vice president, Al Gore, visited Epstein’s private island of Little St. James, better known as “Pedo Island.”

Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre reported seeing Clinton on Little St. James on two separate occasions. An unsealed deposition shows she also reported seeing Al Gore on the island with his wife Tipper.

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Clinton has admitted to flying on Epstein’s private plane, dubbed ‘The Lolita Express,’ multiple times, but denies setting foot on Pedo Island.

Epstein associate and convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has also denied that the 77-year-old Democrat was ever a guest on the island.

Prominent Democrats who are confirmed to have visited Little St. James include Reid Hoffman, the billionaire LinkedIn founder.

Hoffman is a prolific donor to the Democratic Party and has also put money towards the legal defense of Trump-Russia hoaxers Fusion GPS, and neocon GOP candidate Nikki Haley, all in hopes of damaging the 45th President.

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