CV19 Vax is Anti-Christ Technology– Karen Kingston


by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has been reporting on the nightmare of the CV19 vax that she tagged as a bioweapon from the very beginning.  She was the first to say the CV19 vax was created to hurt and kill people.  She was one of the first to warn people not to take the CV19 vax.  Kingston predicted that “vaccine” makers wanted to get people sick and then come up with new treatments to make money off the people they caused to get sick.  She has been reporting on the nightmare of these “vaccines.”  Kingston has new analysis on three important current stories that show people around the world are finally waking up to this crime against humanity.  First stop Japan, where top doctors there are calling for all mRNA CV19 vaccines to be stopped now.  Kingston says, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.  It was two and a half years ago that I was on your show saying these were not biologics.  They are advanced gene editing technology that are meant to cause disease, disability, infertility and death, and they need to be stopped to protect humanity and all lifeforms.  Now, top professors and doctors out of Japan . . . just did a national press conference where they said over six months, they have done a review of thousands and thousands of peer reviewed publications, and when you do that, you will find they are not biologics.  The doctors and researchers found that those who say these are very good vaccines . . . basically, said you are fools . . . and you caused humanity to be thrown into this abyss of hell. . . . They not only say do not give mRNA lipid nanoparticle to people, but they say this is the number one threat to the planet.  I pointed out that this is truly demonic technology, and I was condemned.  Recently, the Surgeon General of Florida called it the anti-Christ technology.”


Kingston also has been following the so-called “Pandemic Agreement” being pushed by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO).   Kingston says, “They are working on the Pandemic Agreement, and they say they are not going to have any regard for human rights.  140 nations have come back and say we have amendments we want to make to it. . . .  They also want to manufacture the vaccines . . . and they want a piece of the profits. . . .  Bill Gates, Pfizer and the US government do not want to give up royalties, and I think they don’t want people to know what they were injected with.  In this situation, I think greed may be good to quote Gordon Gekko.”

In short, the “Pandemic Agreement” does not look like it is going to be approved and implemented.  Martin Armstrong predicts the same outcome for the UN/WHO Pandemic Agreement.

Finally, an update on Ken Paxton’s (Texas Attorney General) case against Pfizer.  Paxton is suing the company for fraud over their CV19 vax.  Kingston says, “The most effective way to wake people up is to do a class action lawsuit.  I think this is why the Texas lawsuit is so very important. . . . As time goes by, people are going to be sitting at home, and they will see an ad that asks . . . .  ‘Are you having heart complications, blood clotting. . . were you injected by a Pfizer vaccine?  You may be entitled to a million dollars.  Call 1-800-SUE PFIZER.’  That snaps the brain on.  That gets people to say ‘wait a second.’  I think that is going to wake people up.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 6-minute in-depth interview.

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