Can Big Pharma Be Held Accountable?


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

In 1935 Trofim Lysenko, a fraudulent  agronomist took control of Soviet genetics and agronomy and destroyed the science with political and ideological explanations. With biology under Lysenko’s dominance, the principles of Mendel’s classical genetics were banned, and real scientists suffered political repression.  

The Lysenko affair exemplifies my point that without truth there can be no science and no scholarship.


Tony Fauci and his puppet-masters introduced their own form of Lysenkoism with the Covid campaign.  It was early apparent to independent scientists that the virus was a manufactured one made in a laboratory and that the “vaccine” was more dangerous than the virus.  The distinguished scientists who sounded the alarm were suppressed, deplatformed, fired, prosecuted, and stripped of medical licenses.  Big Pharma was a modern day Lysenko, and the large part of the medical profession under Big Pharma’s control discredited distinguished scientists by branding them spreaders of disinformation.  The useless media did no investigation.

The Cleveland Clinic has shown that the “vaccine” actually makes it easier to catch the virus, and the excess deaths on the heels of mass vaccination demonstrate the killing and health injury power of the Covid mRNA “vaccines.”

Professors Angus Dalgleish and Paul Goddard have just published a book, The Death of Science.  Big Pharma has taken over regulatory agencies such as FDA, NIH, CDC, and controls with research grants the findings published in medical journals and the curriculums of medical schools.  The fraud is far more extensive than the fraud imposed by Lysenko.

We are in danger of losing medical science altogether as the young entering the profession are Big Pharma indoctrinated.  When older generations such as Dalgleish and Goddard pass, there will be none to take their place. Medical science will die with them.

Congress and medical schools can do nothing about it as both are dependent on Big Pharma’s money.  

Here is an interview with Dr. Dalgleish —

Scientists are not always adept at speaking to the public.  If you have any doubts that a deadly world-wide fraud was perpetrated in service to private agendas, read The Death of Science.

This is my only posting for today.  Because of its importance, I do not want to distract you with multiple offerings.  Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a world-renowned international trial lawyer who was leading an organized effort to hold Big Pharma accountable is sitting in a German prison detained on false charges orchestrated in order to stop a campaign that was nearing success.  

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