Argentina’s Javier Milei Warns Davos to Abandon Socialism: ‘The West Is in Danger’


by Christian K. Caruzo, Breitbart:

Argentine President Javier Milei delivered an address fiercely condemning socialism at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, rejecting the “radical feminist” and “environmental”  agendas fueled by socialism as well.

Milei urged world leaders to embrace capitalism as an alternative.

Milei, a libertarian economist, explained in a roughly 20-minute speech how socialism ultimately leads to poverty, how the state “is not the solution,” but rather “the problem itself,” and how leftism has co-opted Western government institutions to further its agendas. Wednesday’s speech was Milei’s first international address since taking office in December.


“I am here today to tell you that the West is in danger. It is in danger because those who are supposed to uphold the values of the West find themselves co-opted by a worldview that inexorably leads to socialism, and consequently, to poverty,” Milei said in the opening of his speech.

The Argentine president lamented that world leaders have abandoned the ideas of freedom, embracing instead several versions of leftism which he categorized as being versions of the same ideology of “collectivism.”

Without naming specific cases, Milei explained that some had embraced such leftist ideas out of a desire to help others while others had done so to try to “belong” to a privileged caste.”

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