Japan Approves World’s First Self-Amplifying mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Without Safety Data


from Great Game India:

Tokyo-based Meiji Seika Pharma has received approval in Japan to produce the world’s first self-amplifying mRNA COVID-19 vaccine without safety data.

The world’s first COVID-19 self-amplifying mRNA (sa-mRNA) vaccine has been authorized in Japan; however, the vaccine’s maker has not released any safety or effectiveness information.

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In a press statement on November 28, Tokyo-based Meiji Seika Pharma stated that it has acquired approval to begin producing and selling its Kostaive sa-mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. When the vaccine’s mRNA enters cells, it is intended to self-amplify, resulting in a “strong immune response and the potential for extended duration of protection.” The adult population is meant to receive both booster shots and two doses of the main vaccination from this vaccine. According to the press release, Kostaive is the “world’s first approved product applying self-amplifying mRNA technology.”

RNA vaccinations that use a virus’s genetic code against it are known as sa-mRNA and mRNA vaccines. An mRNA vaccine boosts the immune system by telling cells to produce a certain protein when administered intraperitoneally. By producing multiple mRNA copies, a sa-mRNA vaccine extends this idea by producing more spike protein.

In an article published on Nov. 30, Toby Young, general secretary of the public interest group Free Speech Union, noted that the sa-mRNA vaccine received approval in Japan “despite only testing it on 800 people, no control group, and only checking antibody levels, not infection rates.” With COVID-19, medicine regulation was killed.

The Kostaive ARCT-154 vaccine and Pfizer’s Comirnaty mRNA COVID-19 vaccine were contrasted in a phase 3 research. The pre-print research was published in July at MedRxiv and has not undergone peer review.

According to an exclusive report by investigative journalists Lee Fang and Jack Poulson, Moderna has been reported to hire former FBI agents to secretly control the vaccine debate.

The study was carried out after a primary phase study that examined the safety and effectiveness of the Kostaive vaccine. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare supported it. The phase 3 study report states that the manuscript is “in preparation,” although the study’s findings have not yet been published.

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