The World According to Martin Armstrong (Martin Takes Your Questions) – Part 1


by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

In this interview between Kerry Lutz and Martin Armstrong, a different format was used. Martin took questions from the FSN community, covering a wide range of topics, including the US Debt clock, gold, China’s future, inflation, interest rates, and the impact of fraud on the system.

Armstrong predicts that all governments will change by 2032, including China’s, but that the people in China are not about to go back to communism. He also warns that the inflation in the US is due to shortages caused by COVID lockdowns. The discussion highlights the need for politicians to consider the long-term impact of their actions on society and the government.


The conversation also delved into the intricacies of government, currency, and debt. They discussed the benefits of term limits in government and the success of Genoa’s system. They also explored the instability of currencies without trustworthy economies and the flaws in the euro. The conversation then turned to the potential for the FDIC to default on savings accounts and the increasing control over financial transactions, highlighting the potential for draconian measures in the face of a collapsing system.

Marty expressed his concerns about the extreme actions of climate zealots who want to shut down all fossil fuels, heating, and air conditioning. He believes that their actions could lead to a mass die-off and civil unrest, especially in third world countries where people rely on gasoline to feed their families. The discussion also covered the viability of a gold standard as a basis for currencies.

Marty argues that a gold standard cannot work due to the business cycle and the involvement of weather in the economy. He also notes that changing the political system would be necessary to implement a gold standard, which would be difficult for Democrats who rely on promises of government programs to win elections.

Finally, the meeting covered the possibility of war and the influence of neocons. Marty shares his positive impression of Trump’s desire to pull troops out of Afghanistan, but notes that John Bolton immediately opposed the idea. They both express frustration with the delusional thinking of some neocons who believe that overthrowing governments will lead to ticker tape parades and cheers from the people.
They also discuss the hypocrisy of advocating for regime change in other countries while opposing it in their own. Kerry promotes Martin’s website and encourages listeners to sign up for his regular missives and private blog.

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