EU Approves Regulations Forcing Big Tech to Support ‘Digital ID’


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

The European Union (EU) has approved new regulations that will force Big Tech companies to include support for the new “Digital ID” system for the public.

The new EU Digital Identity Regulation (eIDAS 2) was approved by the EU Parliament’s Industry Committee.

The regulations were approved despite opposition from the Pirate group.

The new statute will introduce a digital identity app for public use.


The app will facilitate EU citizens’ “access to diverse digital services,” according to unelected Eurocrats.

Integrated into the app is support for a coming Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and other documents such as vaccine passports.

Citizens will be required to hold a digital ID to make use of many of the services needed to participate in society.

Under the new regulations, members of the public will also need their digital identity to access online services such as social media and banking.

Companies both private and public will be forced to comply with the new regulations.

Big Tech giants such as Google, Facebook (Meta), and Twitter/X will be required by law to support “Digital ID” and other “online transactions.”

Lawmakers, IT security specialists, and scientists have recently criticized the EU’s push for the dystopian regulations.

Many have voiced their concerns about potential mass surveillance, which the EU claims is necessary for tackling so-called “disinformation.”

Nevertheless, the agreement was approved by the bloc’s top bureaucrats.

“This regulation is a blank cheque for surveillance of citizens online, endangering our privacy and security online,” states Patrick Breyer, a Pirate Party legislator.

Breyer believes the regulation allows our online identities to fall under the potential view of tech giants such as Facebook’s parent company Meta, undermining browser security and gradually trampling on our rights to access digital services anonymously.

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