44% Of Human Skills Will Be Replaced By AI In Five Years


from Great Game India:

In a recent report on FOBO, the World Economic Forum recently admitted that 44% of human skills will be replaced by AI in five years.

If there was ever a time in history when proponents of globalism could not contain their unnerving excitement, it was when artificial intelligence gained prominence in the media. The World Economic Forum is obviously in awe of artificial intelligence (AI), praising the technology and characterizing it as the pinnacle of human industry. They assert that AI will transform society so quickly that most individuals won’t be able to keep up with the developments.

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Naturally, none of these developments have yet been witnessed in the actual world. In reality, other than making it simpler for college students to cheat on exams, it’s hard to see any real advantages that AI has brought about thus far. This is where there is a discrepancy between the WEF’s predictions and what the evidence suggests is most likely to occur.

Does AI truly have all the capabilities that globalists portray it as? Will automation eventually replace half of humanity?

During the AI Safety Summit in the UK, Elon Musk warned that there would be no jobs in the future and that AI would be able to do everything while addressing U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The establishment media has been promoting this idea as inevitable, and millions of people—mostly in Generation Z—are already afraid that AI will eliminate their employment prospects in the future. The WEF has gone so far as to coin the term FOBO, or Fear Of Becoming Obsolete, to describe this emotion.

FOBO stands for “fear of better options,” but the WEF appropriated the term and changed its meaning to fit their AI story.

First-world businesses have long used automation, and adjusting to it hasn’t necessarily rendered anybody “obsolete” in the eyes of the economy. The media frequently implies that manual labor-intensive jobs in industries like manufacturing, retail, and agriculture are likely to become extinct. But for those working in the white-collar information technology sector, AI appears to pose a far bigger threat. AI is much more likely to replace workers in data collecting, software development, web development, research analysis, information security, and related fields.

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