WATCH: Latest Brigade of Suspicious Nazis Appears in Madison


by Ben Bartee, PJ Media:

(Note: the original version of this article stated that the alleged Nazis marched near the Great Lakes when, in fact, it was one of the two lakes in the area, Lake Mendota or Lake Monona. I regret the error.)

From time to time, a brigade of alleged Nazis (always masked) appears in any one of America’s cities.

These spectacles conveniently tend to coincide with terror campaigns by the Anti-Defamation League to induce advertisers to flee whatever independent media platform it has currently targeted for destruction — like it’s trying to do now to Twitter/X over allegedly rampant antisemitism on its pages.


This time, the Nazis appeared for an afternoon procession through the streets of Madison, Wisconsin — a real epicenter for White Supremacy™, obviously — plus a nice walk along the shoreline of a nearby lake.

Via The Daily Beast (emphasis added):

A group of masked neo-Nazis marched through the capital of Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon waving swastikas, shouting racial slurs, and chanting “there will be blood.”

About two dozen men wearing red shirts that identified them as members of Blood Tribe—a white supremacist group that has been trying to make a name for itself since 2021 by targeting Jews, people of color, and the LGBTQ community—took part in the march in Madison, according to local reports.

Footage from the scene showed them standing in formation to perform a Nazi salute while onlookers mostly mocked them and called them “disgusting.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that they spent about 30 minutes outside the statehouse after marching through state Capitol grounds. The group reportedly also stopped in front of a local synagogue and, among other hateful rhetoric, chanted, “Israel is not our friend.”

Christopher Pohlhaus, a founder of Blood Tribe who famously tried to set up a white supremacist haven in Maine only to sell the property once the public became aware of it and it became “too dangerous,” was also reportedly in attendance at the march.

The videos from the scene depict, hilariously, onlookers mocking the alleged Nazis while the majority of pedestrians merely look on bemused before continuing about their day, unfazed by the theatrical performance they are witnessing.

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