Western Australia health authority data shows we are killing 5 people for every person we might save if the vaccine worked (which it doesn’t)


by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

How could anyone not notice this? In 2021, there were 0 deaths reported for all other vaccines combined but 87 reported for the COVID vaccine. That’s not “bad luck.” That’s a disaster.

Executive summary
While watching this John Campbell video, I noticed the stats for Death at 11:28 into the video.

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Whoa baby. My eyes jumped to the death line immediately (towards the bottom of the screen).

In 2021: zero deaths from all other vaccines combined, but 87 deaths reported for the COVID vaccine!?!?!

Since nobody has looked into this, I guess I will because it sounds incriminating to me.

My calculations show that the West Australia stats imply a vaccine kill rate of at least 223 deaths per million doses which is a VERY deadly vaccine that should never have been put on the market. It means we are killing at least 5 people for every 1 person we MIGHT save from a COVID death. This is nonsensical.

But it turns out the vaccine isn’t saving anyone from dying from COVID. We know that from the US Nursing home data.

So it’s even more nonsensical.

The vaccine should be stopped as a useless intervention that is costing lives.


Here’s the source material from the Australian government health authority so you can verify this yourself (see Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance – Annual Report 2021, page 34).

John earlier in the video pointed out that there were 5.756M total vaccine doses given in 2021, of which 3.949M were COVID vaccines.

So the odds you got a COVID shot were 2.2:1.

Since there were no deaths reported for any other vaccines, let’s conservatively assume that we expected 1 death to happen, but got 87.

That’s not a statistical anomaly. That cannot happen by chance (less than 2e-135).

So something caused those deaths.

The $1M question is:

If it wasn’t the vaccine that killed these people, what killed them, why are the deaths ONLY happening to people who got the COVID vaccine, and why is nobody talking about the real killer?

Could it be that, god forbid, the vaccine isn’t as safe as they told us!?!?!?

Estimating the minimum deaths per COVID vaccine dose

Now, let’s estimate the kill rate of the vaccine which we have estimated at 1 per 1,000 doses in past articles.

There were 87 reported deaths * <under reporting factor (URF)> = estimated number of actual deaths.

To get the under reporting factor for this region, we can use the number of anaphylaxis cases reported to calculate a lower bound on the URF (because anaphylaxis cases are far more likely to be reported because they happen instantly after injection and are often required to be reported).

Per Table 6, there were 2.6 confirmed anaphylaxis cases per 100,000 doses for the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Per the Blumenthal paper published in JAMA, the rate of anaphylaxis for the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine is 0.027% which is 27 per 100,000.

So we have a minimum URF of 10.

I think this is very conservative because John Campbell noted in his presentation that the rates of adverse events per dose were on average, about double the rate of adverse events in the US. So this would imply a minimum URF of 20 since the minimum URF for VAERS in the US is estimated at around 45.

So, a conservative estimate of the kill rate of the vaccine is 870 deaths per 3.9M doses.

That’s 223 deaths per 1 M doses.

The risk benefit is NEGATIVE. The intervention is nonsensical.

The Pfizer study had 2 COVID deaths in the control arm of nearly 22,000 patients.

So let’s say the vaccine was 100% effective in reducing COVID deaths. It would have prevented 2 deaths per 22,000 patients over the 6 month efficacy period of the vaccine (since the authorities admit the vaccine protection wanes and you have to get it every 6 months).

So let’s look at 1M people vaccinated. They are given two doses.

At least 446 people will die from the vaccine.

But if the vaccine works really well and the COVID variant has an IFR comparable to the original strain (Omicron IFR is nearly 10X lower than the original strain). then we will save 91 lives.

So we are killing 446 people to save at most 91 lives. What kind of government thinks that is sensible?

So based on the original variant, we are killing 5 people for every person we might save. And Omicron is nearly 10X less deadly than the original strain, making the risk/reward even more lopsided (closer to killing 50 people to save 1 person).

But wait… it gets worse. How many people is the vaccine really saving from a COVID death? The answer is ZERO.

The vaccines didn’t impact the infection fatality rate at all. Omicron had a major impact. The vaccines: no reduction at all; they actually made things worse for a while.

This is a graph of COVID infections (blue bars, left axis) and COVID deaths (red line, right axis) for residents of US nursing homes.

See how consistent things are before Omicron? The red line basically traces out the infection peaks, i.e., the deaths are proportional to infections.

Look what happened in December 2020 when the vaccine rolled out for the nursing homes. The red line actually got HIGHER above the blue bars! Things got worse! Then they settled back to normal. But look what happened after Omicron rolled out in December 2021: the red lines are now a fraction on the blue bars. The risk of death decreased, not from the vaccine, but because the variant was less deadly!!!

The vaccine didn’t reduce the risk of death at all. It’s all about the variant.

The vaccine didn’t reduce infections either since as you can see, even after almost everyone was vaccinated in 2021, there were still large infection spikes in 2022 like nothing happened.

So we killed people for nothing.


A safe vaccine should kill fewer than 1 person per M doses.

So the COVID vaccine isn’t safe at all… It is orders of magnitude unsafe.

Plus the risk/reward for the vaccine is non-existent: the vaccine clearly kills at least 5 times as many people as it might save.

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