Ukrainian Grain Blackmail is about the Profits of Multinational Corporations


by Konrad Rękas, Global Research:

We already have the Plague, now we have the War and we are threatened by the Famine. Ukrainian grain blackmail is intended to soften the hearts of public opinion and at the same time multiply the profits of all those interested in prolonging this war.

Hierarchy of the Vassal States

During this summer Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria acting with the European Community’s acceptance have introduced a temporary ban on Ukrainian grain products, including wheat, maize, rapeseed and sunflower seeds. Kiev threatens legal action against Europen Union if grain curbs drag on, demanding not only the right to import and the complete abolition of customs duties, but also a guarantee of the Ukrainian grain monopoly in Europe.


Ukraine, not belonging to the EU (and not paying contributions), would not only receive subsidies for its agri-food exports, but also granaries would be created in the EU exclusively for Ukrainian grain, which would have priority on the European market. Of course, the entire investment would be financed by EU countries. What is quite significant is that, in Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as in the Baltic States, there are USA puppet-governments, but the White House and Westminster do not support their ‘allies’ in their even pretended attempts to protect own markets from Ukrainian competition. That is an important lesson not only for Eastern Europe: it is just not worthwhile to be a British-American vassal state.

GMO Trick

Meanwhile public opinion is not told the brutal truth about the agriculture and food industry in Ukraine. Full control over that part of the Ukrainian economy is now transferred to the global food corporations, like Bayer-Monsanto, DowDuPont/Corteva and BASF and Kiev’s grain blackmail is just a trick, letting these companies take control also over the European market. Ukrainian farmers organisations have already confirmed planting of the genetically modified (GM) soy in Ukraine, being a devastating threat to crops in neighbouring countries and countries purchasing forage and meat production from Ukraine.

When Africa Roars…!

As we should remember, the main argument in favour of the Black Sea Agreement was the food situation in Africa. However, most of the Ukrainian grain is transited through Poland to Europe, while Russia exported more than 11 million tons of grain to Africa last year and nearly 10 million tons in the first six months of 2023, despite illegal sanctions imposed on Russian exports. In the coming months Russia will supply 50,000 tons of wheat each to Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somalia, Central African Republic, and Eritrea, delivered at no cost. So, who in fact feeds Africa then and why do the US and UK try to block it?

The Second Russia-Africa Summit held during 27th – 28th July in St. Petersburg has been recognized as a big success, finally confirming the death of Atlantic-Eurocentrism. The victorious wave of anti-neocolonial resistance in West Africa is another great blow to imperialism leading to the belief that Africa is finally take its rightful place in the reality of a multipolar world emerging on the ruins of American hegemony and globalist neoliberalism.

Nazi Lies and the Imperialist Strategies

Neoliberalism, however, defends itself as it always did, by calling on fascism to help. The propaganda of the Ukrainian Nazis once used the slogan of “Famine” to hide their own crimes against humanity. Fake “Holodomor”, the myth of the “Great Ukrainian Famine” supported by Anglo-Saxon imperialists and anti-communists, is one of the great historical and political lies of our times. This slogan is still used today for anti-communist and anti-Russian propaganda.

Meanwhile, during World War II, the German Nazi occupiers transported entire trains full of chernozem, the most fertile soil, from Ukraine to the West. We’re dealing with the similar situation today. Russophobia is intended to hide the gigantic plunder of land and property in Ukraine carried out by neoliberal global corporations and local oligarchs.

It is also part of the strategy to stop Africa’s awakening. Food shortages and control over food distribution serve to maintain neocolonial control over this continent. However, Africa is waking up and Europe and the rest of the world should follow its example. Totalitarian control over the food chain is to be one of the last stages of the final enslavement of humanity, a process significantly accelerated during COVID, the energy transition and the war in Ukraine. By opposing Ukrainian grain blackmail and the interests behind it, we are defending not only our lifestyle, but also our basic rights. Whoever controls the supply of bread decides about the freedom and lives of others.

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