Trump is right: Democrats really are ‘Marxist lunatics’


by Steven Mosher, LifeSite News:

After eight years of nonstop persecution—one groundless impeachment and phony indictment after another—one can understand why President Trump would label the leaders of the Democrat Party a bunch of “Marxist lunatics.” “The Radical Left Democrats … these communists and fascists think that they can control our glorious country,” said Trump recently.


Radical Left, Marxists, communists, fascists … is this political hyperbole? Or is it an accurate description of the Nancy Pelosis, the Merrick Garlands and, yes, the Joe Bidens and Barack Obamas who control the Democrat Party and carry out its policies?

Few would deny that Marxism, in both its economic and cultural variants, is now the party’s governing paradigm. Consider the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which includes 100—nearly half—of the Democrat Party’s representatives in the House. The CPC advocates for:

  • “A universal health care system”—government-run healthcare, with its long waiting lines and accompanying shortages.
  • “A crackdown on corporate greed”—using higher taxes and more regulation to throttle private enterprise.
  • “An end to mass incarceration”—the kind of no cash bail, early release policies that Soros-funded district attorneys have adopted and that have unleashed crime waves in Democrat-run cities.
  • “Reversing climate change”—radical controls on energy production and use that will impoverish Americans and circumscribe their freedoms.
  • “Humane immigration policies”—an open borders policy that the Biden administration has already wholeheartedly endorsed.
  • “Reparations”—cash payouts/payoffs to a major Democrat voting block for injustices ended over 160 years ago.

Further underlining the CPC’s radical character, its elected leaders are radical Left Reps Pramila Jayapal and Ilhan Omar. Nancy Pelosi called Jayapal “a rising star in the Democratic caucus,” while arch-Progressive magazine, The Nation called her “a leader of the resistance.” As far as Omar is concerned, all you need to know is that her “idol and lifelong inspiration” is America’s most widely known communist, Angela Davis.

This is where the center of gravity of the party is today. These are radical leftist, openly socialistic and Marxist policies which, if not communist, are so close as to be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Like the one-party dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela that they so admire, the modern Democrat Party assiduously censors the internet, denying Americans freedom of speech. Their agents infiltrate peaceful assemblies and provoke violence. The major media in this country, though not state-owned, is ideologically aligned with the party and does its bidding.

The use of terror as a tool for political control is prototypically Marxist and has now been added to the Democrat playbook.  The FBI—that the regime now runs as its own private Stasi—conducts pre-dawn raids on the regime’s political enemies. Their purpose is not only to sideline Trump and some of his key supporters but to create a climate of fear among the population at large.

Why else would the FBI consider orthodox Catholics, who merely want to be free to worship in the way that they choose, to be potential domestic terrorists?  Why else would it declare just this week that the entire Maga movement—close to half the country—is under surveillance as a breeding ground for right-wing terrorists if not to terrorize those who support America’s founding principles?

The show trials of those the regime regards as enemies of the state are another sign of Communist praxis in action. Christian grandmothers in their sixties and seventies are arrested and given eleven-year prison sentences by Garland’s Department of Justice for protesting at abortion clinics. At the same time, left-wing district attorneys reward BLM rioters with hefty payouts for having “suffered police brutality” while they were burning down buildings.

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