Office of Prime Minister Netanyahu Releases Horrifying and Disturbing Photos of Babies Murdered and Burned by Hamas Terrorists That Was Shown to Antony Blinken


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

WARNING: The subject matter discussed and photos include horrifying accounts of violence against infants perpetrated by Hamas that may be harmful or traumatizing to some readers.

The Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently released deeply unsettling photos as evidence of the terror inflicted by Hamas on innocent civilians in Israel, including babies. The highly sensitive and disturbing images graphically depict the inhuman brutality that has become synonymous with the militant terrorist group which governs the Gaza Strip.


Prime Minister Netanyahu made a compelling case for the international community, and particularly the United States, to recognize the barbaric nature of Hamas. Drawing chilling parallels between Hamas and the notorious ISIS terrorist group, Netanyahu said, “Hamas is inhuman. Hamas is ISIS.”

By presenting this hard-to-stomach evidence, Netanyahu aimed to underscore not just the existential threat that Hamas poses to Israel but also the broader implications for global security and human decency.

“Here are some of the photos Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Warning: These are horrifying photos of babies murdered and burned by the Hamas monsters,” the post read.


Source: Prime Minister of Israel
Source: Prime Minister of Israel
Source: Prime Minister of Israel

The release of this photo comes after Joe Biden claimed that he had seen harrowing images of beheaded Israeli children during a roundtable with Jewish community leaders on Wednesday.

“I never really thought that I would see and have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children,” said Joe Biden during a roundtable with Jewish community leaders.


The White House had to backtrack and issue a retraction on a statement made by Joe Biden, wherein he asserted that he had seen “confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children” in Israel.

A spokesperson later clarified to The Washington Post that Joe Biden had not actually viewed these images. Instead, his comments were founded on claims from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and probably from Anthony Blinken.

The Jerusalem Post reported they confirm, “based on verified photos of the bodies that the reports of babies being burnt and decapitated in Hamas’s assault on Kfar Aza are correct.”


The Office of the Israeli Prime Minister has confirmed the reports of babies and young children being discovered decapitated. This alarming story was reported by CNN correspondent Hadas Gold.

“You’re dealing with people who would do such atrocities to children, to babies, to toddlers,” Gold said.

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