Our Prosperous Country Transforms Into a Socialist Wasteland


by Karen Schoen, America Outloud:

Many people are still hesitant about speaking to the globalist legislators and those with opposing points of view. I keep saying you must question them. Make them define the words they use. Make them show examples of the things they accuse you of doing. We are constantly called racists. I always ask for an example. Show me where… When they are fighting for abortion, I ask them if they believe in killing babies. What is the difference between what Hamas just did in the nursery in Israel and an abortion? Pierre Poilevre, the Conservative leader in Canada, has it down perfectly. This is a must-see video: https://twitter.com/townhallcom/status/1714276316382683511

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

Nothing is more evident about how far we have moved away from the original concept of America than the speaker election we see unfolding before our eyes. America was to be a Representative Republic whereby the people were to elect representatives to bring their voices to Congress. That’s not happening now. What is happening is under the god of money. Representatives listen to their donors. People be damned. I even heard a politician say that the people are melting the phone lines (keep it up) and are demanding we vote for Jim Jordan, and that is getting in the way of conducting business. I am so proud of us. We have also blocked the McCarthy clone as the temporary speaker. We are having an impact. Keep up the calls. One good thing is if they can’t conduct business, there will be no more increase in the debt. The Globalists are having a rough time. Remember, they want nothing for Americans. Instead, they want us to watch our money go to Ukraine, Israel, and illegals.

To show you how despicable these criminals are, I just got this email from Kevin McCarthy:

I’d like to give you 5 reasons to give $5 before midnight. Even if you choose not to donate, I’d be so grateful if you could just read this message:.

    1. Joe Biden’s DOJ has issued FOUR indictments of President Trump, ramping up the witch hunt and weaponization of our justice system.
    2. Illegal immigration is SKYROCKETING, with as many as 6,000 migrants entering illegally PER DAY in August.
    3. Democrats are looking to bring back MASK MANDATES and potentially shut down our country again.
    4. Parents’ rights are under attack by the radical Left and woke teachers’ unions.
    5. Last quarter alone, Joe Biden and the Democrats hauled in over $72 MILLION to support far-Left candidates and push their radical agenda.

Biden and the Democrats are fundamentally transforming our once-prosperous country into a socialist wasteland.

Right now, the GOP House Majority is the ONLY thing standing between Democrats and total control of the federal government.

That means this is the closest we will EVER be to stopping the Democrats’ agenda! Just give me $5.

The reality is that if McCarthy believed one word of that message and acted upon it, he would still be the Speaker. During his tenure, he gave Biden everything he asked for—billions to Ukraine and more for green garbage. The border is open, no one got impeached, and 5.7 million illegals are destroying our cities, sucking the money dry while seniors and vets live on the street. We are $2 Trillion in debt with nothing to show for it except high inflation while our money buys products from countries who hate us. Crime is rampant throughout the country, and our elections are a joke. We allowed anti-Americans in our schools and government. War and genocide is on the menu. All of this is our own fault, but if we give McCarthy $5, everything will be fine.

There is hope only if we get involved. We must fix election procedures and vet our candidates not by how they look but by their actions. Check out politicsthatwork.com to see voting records and opensecrets.org to check donors. How many of the Swam critters are funded by CCP and the defense industry? $100 million to Hamas and $) to E Palestine. $2200 to illegals, and $1300 to seniors.

Speaker of Florida House Paul Renner wrote to Chief Justice of Florida Supreme Court, Carlos Muniz, to consider consolidating Florida judicial circuits. This is a very bad idea as judges and state attorneys, public defenders, and other agencies will have a much heavier caseload. Lesser crimes will be ignored. We do not want Florida to become California. Renner says it will promote Public Trust and Confidence. I believe as crime increases, it will destroy Public Trust and Confidence. The Committee will hear Public comments https://www.flcourts.gov/Resources-Services/Education-Outreach/Court-News/Court-News-Archive/Court-News-2021/District-Court-Assessment-Committee-seeks-public-comment Contact your Florida Legislator and tell them NO Consolidation. You can also send comments to JCACInfo@flcourts.org and Committee the Honorable Jonathan Gerber, gerberj@flcourts.org

Our elections are a mess. Defend Florida made it simple to solicit legislators to clean up and secure elections. Copy for your state.

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