Neonatal Deaths in Vaccinated Mothers 28% Greater, UK Study Reveals Accidentally


by Igor Chudov, Daily Clout:

new preprint study was published to appear in the British Medical Journal. Working for the UK government, its authors set out to prove that COVID vaccines were safe in pregnancy. However, some findings are disturbing and point at the opposite.

Vaccines Do Cause COVID-19, Sort of

The first finding, to get us started, is that COVID-vaccinated mothers had MORE COVID-19 than the unvaccinated mothers.

The vaccines, supposedly designed to prevent infection, caused vaccinated pregnant women to have more illnesses:


15% of vaccinated pregnant women had COVID-19, whereas only 12% of unvaccinated pregnant women had it.

The study completely glosses over this inconvenient fact, of course.

A side note: the above 12% and 15% numbers may include incidences of COVID during pregnancy that happened BEFORE some women were vaccinated. That would make the vaccine comparison even worse because all pregnant women were in the same position – unvaccinated – before some of them got vaccinated, and vaccination made the vaccinated cohort come out worse by 3%!

We were told that “COVID vaccines do not cause Covid-19”. It is very narrowly true: these vaccines do not contain live viruses. However, the table above shows that vaccines made vaccinated pregnant women more vulnerable to infection post-vaccination.

28% Greater Neonatal Deaths

The saddest part of the report concerns neonatal deaths: deaths of newborns up to 28 days of age.

You can see that the data suggests that neonatal deaths for vaccinated mothers are 27-32% higher than those for unvaccinated mothers.

I want to underscore that the data, while alarming, does not reach the level of statistical significance. Interestingly, as was found in the US CDC report, the higher-dose Moderna vaccine causes MORE neonatal deaths than the lower-dose Pfizer. In the above report, Pfizer is associated with a 32% increase in neonatal deaths, and Moderna with a 37% increase (underlined in blue).

It makes sense that a higher dose of vaccine causes more neonatal deaths.

A similar pattern was found in the CDC’s vaccine report:

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