Hamas supporters TAKE OVER Sydney, Australia while government tells JEWS to stay home and not show their faces


by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

Sydney, Australia was the epicenter of tyranny during the Covid plandemic, where citizens were abused by medical terrorism, denied medical freedom, and force-injected with vascular clotting prions. Now, a new form of terrorism is taking over the streets, as Hamas supporters march freely, while Jewish folks are ordered to shelter in place, to avoid being “identified.” Sounds like the beginnings of Nazi Germany all over again. Palestinian terror group advocates marched through the main business district of Sydney for a gathering at the iconic Opera House, while all Jews in Australia’s biggest city were warned, stay home or be chosen for possible execution.

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Jews warned to avoid downtown harbor while terrorists hijacked city center

David Adler, the President of the Australian Jewish Association, and his fellow Jews, have been “warned.” In what was supposed to be a tribute to fallen Israelis from the new war (several were beheaded on live television), has become a terrorist-supporting parade of sorts where Jews are forbidden to attend, and some have already been taken away by police for simply carrying an Israeli flag.

Apparently, religious persecution is underway in Australia, and the Jews are being identified on site. Will all Jews there be forced to wear yellow ribbons on their shirt sleeves again? Will serial numbers be tattooed on their forearms to “protect” them (send them to ghettos and concentration camps for execution)?

The Palestine Action Group Sydney is demanding support for a Palestinian takeover of Israel and the authorities are warning all Jews that they are “at risk” if they are “identified as Jewish” in Sydney.

So the story goes, Hamas terrorists attack Israel, Biden takes a vacation, and the tyrannical government in Australia tells Jews to shelter in place while terrorist-supporting groups parade through the city supporting more terrorism to come. This comes after the Biden Regime handed billions of dollars to terrorists, and now says that money did not help them arm up and attack Israel. Sure.

“Free Palestine” means kill as many Jews as possible, according to the tyrannical regimes that support beheading innocent Israelis, American tourists, and kidnapping and torturing teenagers and young adults that go to disco clubs in Gaza. Should anyone march peacefully in support of Israel in Sydney, or Washington D.C., for that matter, you are likely to be incarcerated with no trial in sight, like the January 6’ers, or handed over to Hamas terrorists for some Nazi-style “re-education.”

Are the Jewish people in Australia some kind of “burden” on society there? Will the handicapped, elderly, and autistic Jews be sent to concentration camps for opposing the new terror regime? Only time will tell.

As the war in and around Israel heats up, watch for the governments around the world that support terrorism (Democrats in Washington D.C. under the guidance of Obama) to react, as they send money, guns, tanks, and bombs to known Nazi-sympathizers and terrorists, just like they are doing RIGHT NOW in Ukraine.

The globalists love war, turmoil, uprisings, and fighting among citizens of any nation, because it makes them money and helps them overthrow rulers, so they can take over. This action in Sydney is a perfect example of that, where a government entity supports terrorists while suppressing the rights of peaceful citizens. Don’t let history repeat itself. Be sure to support peace, prosperity, and government officials who do the same, instead of warmongers who identify themselves with their outright support of terrorists.

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