Top Climate Scientist Reveals the Key Fact He Deliberately OMITTED In “Climate Change” Paper to Pacify Woke Editors and Get His Paper Published in Top Scientific Journal


by Cullen Linebarger, The Gateway Pundit:

A prominent climate scientist has come forward and admitted his role in deceiving the public on “climate change.” At the same time, he also exposed the inordinate power woke editors at scientific magazines have over the careers of actual scientists.

Patrick T. Brown, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and doctor of earth and climate sciences, wrote in the Free Press that climate science must now fit into “pre-approved narratives” to receive publication by notable scientific journals. He also revealed that he omitted a key fact regarding climate change and fires in a recent paper for one of these journals.


Brown opens his piece by citing examples from AP, Bloomberg, the New York Times, and PBS, blaming wildfires in Canada, Europe, and Maui solely on climate change.

The scientist then goes on to explain that he had a recent academic paper published in Nature, a leading scientific journal. He wrote the piece in a way to pacify the woke editors who cared more about pushing a narrative rather than the truth.

The paper I just published—’Climate warming increases extreme daily wildfire growth risk in California’—focuses exclusively on how climate change has affected extreme wildfire behavior. I knew not to try to quantify key aspects other than climate change in my research because it would dilute the story that prestigious journals like Nature and its rival, Science, want to tell.

By focusing solely on climate change, Brown admitted he ignored a highly critical fact regarding wildfires: 80 percent of them are caused by humans. This completely blows up the fraudulent narrative the corporate media has perpetuated on the American people.

Brown goes on to lament the extensive influence these far-left editors at magazines like Nature and Science have on actual scientists. Because of this, climate science has become utterly worthless and only serves to advance the whims of the left.

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