The Left’s Hatred of Trump Will Elect Him President Again


by Rick Moran, PJ Media:

The more the left hates Donald Trump, the higher his numbers go.

The significance of this fact is lost on the media, left-wing analysts, and liberal politicians. They can’t grasp that their hatred and hateful rhetoric directed against Trump is actually increasing the passions of his supporters and drawing more and more fence-sitters to his side.


Of course, the left’s hate doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Trump is hardly all sweetness and light when he talks about the left. But the vitriol spewed against Trump is backed up by accusations of criminal activity and indictments. This has made Trump something of a martyr figure to his base of supporters. And the more the left persecutes him, the more that ordinary Americans want to protect him.

“What they’re doing to him is persecution,” said Corey Bonner of Texas. “They’re going after an old American president, they’ve been going after him since the beginning, they haven’t stopped, and they’re not going to stop. And this is where we have to stand up and fight.”


Those interviewed said they believed that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was the one who needed to be charged and that Republicans faced a different standard under the justice system. And some said that perhaps Trump did commit crimes, but it didn’t change their opinion of him because, as Texas resident Bobby Wilson put it, “We all have sinned; we all have some things that we’ve done.”

“He’s probably guilty, but it doesn’t matter,” said Jace Kirschenman, an 18-year-old in South Dakota who works in construction.

He said nothing could deter him from voting for Trump next year.

“You show me a perfect person in this world, and I’ll show you a blue pig with wings,” said Corey Shawgo, a 34-year-old truck driver in Pennsylvania who attended Trump’s rally in Erie. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

Some “mistakes” Trump is charged with are serious crimes. But it only shows the hold that Trump has on the loyalties of these Americans that they overlook the implications of the charges and continue to support him.

And the more hysterical the left blathers on about “dictatorship” and a “threat to democracy,” the more ordinary people listen to that rhetoric and wonder what planet these crazies are from. Trump had four years to establish a dictatorship. Where is it? He had four years to shut down newspapers, TV stations, and websites that violently disagreed with him. Why are they still in business?

The black vote was going to be suppressed? Record numbers of black Americans voted. Almost every metric the left has used and is using to “prove” that Trump is some kind of authoritarian or anti-Democratic wannabe dictator, they’ve been shown to be wrong.

In addition to the leftist’s Trump hate, there’s also the fact that ordinary people — Republicans and Democrats — identify with Trump’s troubles and feel a kinship with him.

“He’s making a psychic connection between his troubles with government and people’s troubles with government. And it’s working,” said Craig Shirley, who has been a Republican strategist for decades.

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