New York Pushing Vaccine Boosters and Fighting for Concentration Camps


by Dr. Joseph Sansone, Global Research:

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James, have formally filed an appeal this past Wednesday in an attempt to overrule the Cattaraugus County Supreme Court ruling striking down proposed concentration camps. The state of New York is pursuing the authority to force quarantine human beings against their will and the ability to locate them in quarantine camps AKA concentration camps. The five judge court of appeals may take a couple months to render a verdict.

This is a similar tactic that was used in Nazi Germany during World War II when Jews and Gypsies and other “undesirables” were said to carry diseases and were forced into concentration camps. Apparently, those that refuse to inject C19 biological weapons injections will be targeted.


On July 15 2022, JDSupra Reported:

“In a decision issued on July 8, 2022, Judge Ploetz of the Cattaraugus County Supreme Court held that Rule 2.13 violates state law, and is therefore null, void and unenforceable.….

In discussing due process protections, Judge Ploetz stated that “while Rule 2.13 provides that isolation and quarantine must be done ‘consistent with due process of law’ and the detainee has the right to seek judicial review and the right to counsel, these protections are after-the-fact, and would force a detainee to exercise these rights at a time when he or she is already detained, possibly isolated from home or family, and in a situation where it may be difficult to obtain legal counsel in a timely manner.” Judge Ploetz also stated that Rule 2.13 merely gave “lip service” to constitutional due process because the law could conceivably grant the commissioner unfettered discretion to force anyone into isolation or quarantine, despite a lack of evidence…”

Governor Hochul held a press conference Wednesday afternoon fear mongering and encouraging people to inject Covid-19 booster biological weapon injections. In addition to wanting to force quarantine people she is also encouraging them to inject a biological weapon. This is not acceptable.

There is evidence that the Covid 19 injections and mRNA injections meet the criteria as biological and technological weapons. This Grand Jury petition lays out a broad case supporting this position.

Some might debate whether Covid-19 was a psyop or a synthetic pathogen. I am leaning toward both. Regarding C19 injections and mRNA injections the evidence is clear that these are biological weapons. Instead of investigating these crimes against humanity, the Governor and Attorney General of New York are actively participating in these crimes against humanity by continuing to participate in biological warfare against New Yorkers and pushing for the pseudo authority to force humans into quarantine camps.

Pfizer data as of June 18, 2022 revealed nearly 5 million harmful clinical outcomes. Some of these serious adverse effects include:

696,605 nervous system disorders, 539,299 musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders (92,942 pain in extremities), and 317,811 gastrointestinal disorders, 224,633 skin, hair and nail disorders, 190,720 respiratory and chest disorders, 178,353 female and male reproductive system disorders (erectile dysfunction, infertility, heavy menstrual bleeding), 167,382 victims developed bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections (24,910 herpetic infections), 126,993 cardiac disorders, 100,970 blood and lymphatic system disorders, 77,148 psychiatric disorders, 73,542 vascular disorders, 61,518 eye disorders, 47,038 ear and labyrinth disorders (15,833 tinnitus), 31,895 immune system disorders, 13,647 kidney and urinary disorders, 3,711 cancers and benign cysts, 4,056 pregnancy complications 1,859 spontaneous abortion complications, 1,143 genetic disorders, and 3,814 deaths.

The death totals are difficult to estimate because of the suppression of data. In the past the VAERS data has been reported to underrepresent data by a multiplier as high as 100 which would put fatalities in the millions. In the recent past there have been reports of suppression of VAERS data entries, and the CDC no longer reports data to the VAERS system.

It should also be noted that an individual getting cancer a year or two later will not be reported as a ‘vaccine’ injury or death. A person having or dying of a heart attack a year or two later will not be reported as a ‘vaccine’ injury or death. A person having or dying of a stroke will not be reported as a ‘vaccine’ injury or death. And the list goes on…

The level of sociopathy required to suggest that anyone continues to inject themselves with these biological weapons is unfathomable. At this point the pharmaceutical industry is almost sadistically mocking the population as the new Pfizer XBB.1.5 Monovalent ‘vaccine’ was tested in 20 mice. There was no control. Apparently, there were also no humans involved in the study. There is absolutely no way to know how humans will respond to this new biological weapon.

Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General Ladapo have advised against those under 65 getting biological weapon booster shots. Although, they have yet to admit the C19 injections are biological weapons, which is problematic. To suggest that those over 65 years old can go ahead and get an injection that was tested on 20 mice and no humans, is questionable. Hopefully that will be clarified.

We may not be allowed to know the ingredients of the biological weapon injections; however, we apparently do know that they contain nanotechnology. The extraordinary evidence of self assembling nanotechnology in the blood of the ‘vaccinated’ and now the ‘unvaccinated’ from shedding, should sound alarms of the true diabolical nature of the crimes committed. This isn’t about rushed or incomplete trials, it is deliberate. It is about depopulation and transhumanism.

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