Here’s This Month’s Trove of Censored COVID Articles


by Paula Bolyard, PJ Media:

As we at PJ Media have been warning for some months, the medical alarmists are warming up their scare machines just as children return to school and the weather is beginning to turn cooler—conveniently, just in time for the 2024 primaries, which are just a few months away. Joe Biden is asking Congress for more money for a new vaccine that will be “necessary,” whatever that means. [Narrator: We know what that means.]


The supercilious mask patrols are dusting off their badges and rattling their swords, eager to lord it over their fellow Americans who refuse to go through life terrified, beaten down, and forced into compliance with draconian COVID-19 measures.

One of the “tells” of the coming lockdowns and vax mandates is that the fact-checkers are escalating their attacks on the free flow of information. They are beginning to enforce The Narrative again to ensure you only get information from Approved Government Agencies. In August alone, PJ Media has had nearly a dozen articles demonetized by Google Ads, meaning that we can’t make any money from the articles, even though we still have to pay the writers for their work.

And not only that, but every time we get demonetized, it goes against our Quality Score, which can mean the difference between decent ads for products you might be interested in and an endless parade of ads for toe fungus or intestinal worm remedies (please, anything but those!).

What kinds of articles are they demonetizing? Here are just a few, with all of them being flagged for “unreliable and harmful claims”:

First up is this article from Robert Spencer calling out California congressional candidate Steve Cox, who said this about anti-vaxxers:

Whenever anyone says “we all die from something” (or a variation thereof) to justify not taking precautions to help protect others in this pandemic, we should be allowed to shoot them. “Why are you crying? We all die from something.” For you, it’s that bullet in your gut. [Emphasis added]

But we’re the bad guys for calling out this thug.

Next up is an article from Matt Margolis, quoting the CDC on the risk profile for the BA.2.86 COVID-19 variant: “BA.2.86 may be more capable of causing infection in people who have previously had COVID-19 or who have received COVID-19 vaccines,” the CDC wrote.

Matt didn’t make the claim, the CDC did, but we’re the ones getting slapped with the “harmful claims” tag. When are they going to start fact-checking the CDC?

Ben Bartee had an opinion piece this week titled: “For the Love of God, Don’t Comply With Lockdowns 2.0,” where he opined:

Just say no. Do not comply. Refuse to wear the mask. Find creative workarounds to vax mandates. Do not fashion yourself into a human cog in the machine. Refuse to vote for any candidate who does not explicitly reject all three arms of the control agenda — vax mandates, mask mandates, and lockdowns — and not just in rhetoric but in specific policy proposals. Talk is cheap. Without resistance, the authoritarians are only going to turn the screws tighter and tighter and tighter until they’ve got sufficient technocratic controls in place that resistance becomes impossible.

I happen to agree with Ben and suspect you do, too. But the Medical-Industrial Complex wants you vaxxed, masked, and locked down—or maybe even shot.

Stephen Kruiser wrote this about the “science denier” bogeyman hiding under the beds of the COVID alarmists:

The leftist elites lied about who was truly at risk and then what the vaccine could and could not do. They also rejected the lack of science behind almost all of the preventative measures. The hive mind faithful lapped it all up, naturally.

They’ve been proven wrong about everything they spent three years censoring us science-denying nutjobs for but, bless their incurious little hearts, they keep pretending that none of it has happened.

Can I get an “amen”? Wait, scratch that. Google says it’s “harmful” and we must be punished for questioning the Powers That Be.

They can go pound sand.

As I wrote recently:

It would be easy enough for me to tell our writers to just stop writing articles that get us in trouble with Big Tech. Just stick to anodyne topics that are unlikely to provoke the left and increase our profitability. We could give everyone a raise, hire more writers, maybe even get some new laptops. No doubt more than a handful of conservative sites have decided to go this route. Others have just quietly gone out of business as the result of being demonetized or banned from social media.

We’ve chosen to take a financial loss rather than censor our writers. We’re willing to do it because we think it’s important for you—and other Americans who are sick to death of the control freaks—to have access to information that you need.

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