by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

Anyone capable of critical thought knows this entire globull warming/ climate crisis/ health emergency narrative is false, contrived by the ruling elite/globalist cabal billionaire class as a further means to gain control, increase their already ungodly wealth, tax us into oblivion, lock us down in their 15 minute cities, and dole out our daily allotment of bug protein.

Their narrative is filled with lies, misinformation, and holes so big you can drive a Tesla through them. They have faked the temperature data for decades. CO2 is not a pollutant. Eating meat is not destroying the planet. Cows farting is not ruining our environment. Of course, Chris Christie farting may be harming the planet. This fake narrative is dutifully spewed by the corporate regime media 24/7, as they are funded by Gates, Soros, and the WEF to do so. Lies, lies and more lies.

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The foolishness of the drivel they expect us to swallow is beyond the pale. They want to put oil companies and coal companies out of business because fossil fuels are evil. They are purposely attempting to drastically reduce our energy output, which means less electric power. But they also want to force everyone to drive an electric vehicle. And they won’t allow nuclear power plants to be built. These insane beliefs are ridiculous. Only low IQ willfully ignorant NPCs could believe them. More than half the population apparently fall into this category.

Wind and solar are polluting, environmentally damaging and inefficient. They push solar, while at the same time push geo-engineering  to block the sun, to cool the planet. This idiocy speaks volumes to what these people running the show think about the intellectual capacity of the masses. They believe we are sufficiently dumbed down, distracted, and apathetic to implement their agenda through constant propaganda, fear mongering, and threats. They want to own everything, while you own nothing. It’s nothing but a show and they will keep it going until we do something about it.

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