Climate Scientist Spills the Beans


from Moonbattery:

The media shrieks that we are doomed because global warming causes ever worsening forest fires; we will all burn up if we do not sacrifice our freedom and standard of living so that the government can prevent the climate from fluctuating. Liberals crow that they have the Science on their side.

True enough, scientific papers support the liberal narrative. This is hardly surprising, considering that they are a product of academia — that is, the liberal establishment.


Patrick T. Brown recently told liberals what they want to hear about global warming and forest fires in the prestigious journal Nature. Now he spills the beans:

The paper I just published—“Climate warming increases extreme daily wildfire growth risk in California”—focuses exclusively on how climate change has affected extreme wildfire behavior. I knew not to try to quantify key aspects other than climate change in my research because it would dilute the story that prestigious journals like Nature and its rival, Science, want to tell.

If he didn’t play by the rules, he wouldn’t have been published. Publish or perish.

The first thing the astute climate researcher knows is that his or her work should support the mainstream narrative—namely, that the effects of climate change are both pervasive and catastrophic and that the primary way to deal with them is not by employing practical adaptation measures like stronger, more resilient infrastructure, better zoning and building codes, more air conditioning—or in the case of wildfires, better forest management or undergrounding power lines—but through policies like the Inflation Reduction Act, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The green energy looting spree with the Orwellian title the Inflation Reduction Act is about as likely to prevent wildfires as it is to reduce inflation. But science isn’t about science anymore. Like every other institution that has fallen to leftists, it is about moonbattery.

Brown is willing to speak out because he has left academia and now he works for a private research center, where the pursuit of scientific understanding is not subordinated to leftist politics. No one who wants a career in academia can tell the truth about global warming.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden croaks:

“Nobody can deny the impact of climate crises—at least nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore.”

In other words, if you won’t pretend there is a “climate crisis,” you are a dummy.

Biden was well known for his low intelligence long before senility reduced his mental capacity to the point he can no longer function.

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