America’s Only Chance Is Re-Embracing Biblical Principles And The US Constitution – Apathy Is Not An Option As We Witness The Consequences Of Trusting Anything Other Than God Almighty


by Dex Bahr, All News Pipeline:

– Of Govt Today, There’s Never Been A More Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy

Historically, Americans have been apathetic about the whole political and moral processes of this country. And guess what! Now it has bitten us squarely on the butt.

Look who’s in charge of the presidency, and of blue and even purple states. Look at how these leaders’ policies have turned morality upside-down, where perversion is mainstream and lawlessness is encouraged. To paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, there’s never been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. 


For far too long we farmed out the task of maintaining our liberty to politicians of whom at least half are of questionable moral character. Let’s just put it this way: lots of them are compromised. They’re bought off, blackmailed, or both.

Are they all this way? No, there are some good ones whose actions match their speeches. However, many have mastered the skill of saying what their constituents want to hear only to later stab voters in the back.

How are voters stabbed in the back? By these hacks not doing what they were elected to do. In the case of Republicans, it means simply beating Democrats and defending the Constitution.

But over and over again, Republicans have caved to the Democrats, leading many conservatives to start asking, “Why is it when Republicans control the White House and Congress, we make little progress with our policies, while the Democrats’ agenda advances even when they’re out of power?” This has led many to the conclusion that there is no two-party system — only a Uniparty.

Both parties are merely different sides of the same coin. This Uniparty serves the purpose of protecting and enriching the interests of Washington, D.C. while ignoring the well-being of people.


We used to be blind and trusting of the parties, thinking, “Yeah, that’s just Washington.” But then Donald Trump was elected president, and suddenly the masks came off.

We witnessed lies presented as truth by the Dems and the propaganda media, such as Russian collusion and the Steele Dossier. We listened and waited for Republicans to stand against such outlandish charges only to hear crickets from the leaders of both houses of Congress.

We then noticed that despite Trump having a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, his policies were being slow-walked and even blocked by members of his own party!

This was when the scales came off the eyes of many patriots and we began to realize that the people, supposedly on our side, weren’t the white hats we imagined them to be.

This great awakening of the patriots also spread to talk radio. Once upon a time, talk radio, led by the late, great Rush Limbaugh, was a trusted alternative to the liberal bias of the mainstream media. Now we were hearing pundits whom we trusted for years going wobbly on Trump blasting Trump and MAGA.

Fox News’s early calling of Arizona before polls closed in 2020 was the final slap in the face to constitutional patriots. I believe this was when freedom-loving Americans began to awaken from their apathetic stupor.

The draconian COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates then caused people to think the unthinkable: governments tasked to serve the people may detest us. This was uncomfortable to even consider, but the facts were undeniable once we were willing to go there.

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