The Annihilation Of America Is Being Emboldened & Empowered By The Terror Cabal Occupying The White House As Cities Implode And America Is Transformed Into A ‘Zombified Nation’


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– War Waged On Americans Is More Proof ‘The Great Replacement’ Is Happening Now

Just 10 days ago on August 2nd, Susan Duclos published this story on ANP titled “‘Coming To A Neighborhood Near You’: Dem Sanctuary City Mayor Warns Americans Of The Destruction Illegal Immigration And Open Borders Are Causing – The Great Replacement Is Real” within which she warned numerous so-called ‘sanctuary cities‘ across America are collapsing within their own hypocrisy.

With NY City Democrat mayor Eric Adams warning the massive illegal immigration crisis they’re seeing in NY City will soon be coming to other neighborhoods across America, his warning is many years too late and many dollars too short, with many warning years ago about ‘the Great Replacement,’ called a ‘racist conspiracy theory’ by the SPLC and mainstream media and globalist politicians, but now coming true before our very eyes.


As this Daily Mail story reporting on the growing crisis points out by showing us photographs of the large number of illegal immigrants sleeping on the hard concrete sidewalks outside of hotels in NY City after being dumped there after crossing over the US border illegally on Joe Biden’s watch, the city will be spending over $4 billion dollars just to TRY to deal with this ‘crisis‘, over $100,000 every day, paid for by the taxpayers.

But with what’s being seen now in NY City just a tiny part of the overall crisis, with many more cities all across the nation having fallen into a deep crisis of homelessness, drug addiction, rising crime rates, ‘escaping‘ millennials taking their tax dollars with them and despair, and the huge majority of those cities being run by Democrats, it still gets much worse.

Because not only are homeless families coming across the border illegally but as Fox News pointed out in this story, we’re now witnessing body armor wearing drug cartel memberswho were also fully armed, walking across the wide open border with no resistance at all. “Emboldened and empowered by a president who does not care about our southern border” according to Texas Republican Representative Chip Roy who also declared Tuesday that “the president and this administration can go straight to hell.”

With Chip Roy in that last statement expressing sentiments that a rapidly growing number of Americans will agree with completely, as we’ll be exploring below, we’re also now seeing the Lt. Gov of the state of Massachusetts suggesting people in that state HOUSE these illegal immigrants who are now laying upon the sidewalks thanks to leftist hypocrisy within their own homes, offering them free room and board, at a time when more and more Americans are unable to pay their own bills. And all of that madness happening while we’re witnessing a very real war being carried out against American citizens.

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