Something Is Terribly Wrong in Maui-Part 1


by Fed Up Texas Chick, The Tenpenny Report:

Something is terribly wrong in Maui. These fires are not normal wildfires. I can feel it. Can you? Maui is currently in the fog of war. The people of Maui are in a surreal state of trying to find lost loved ones and trying to grapple with what has just happened to their beloved island home. That will take time.

The rest of us are hearing theory after theory. What’s real? What’s not? What is truth and what is fabricated or embellished? Was this a natural disaster or was this an energy weapon attack? We all certainly want to know what caused the fires, but a more important question at this juncture might be: “Who benefits?”


The people of Maui certainly do not benefit. Actually, it initially appeared that no one benefited. I mean, who benefits from a devastating fire? Yet as facts divulged, the story took on an ominous bearing. For decades, Maui residents have been fighting to preserve this ancient seat of the kingdom of Hawaii. Just last month, the Hawaii government passed a law that the Lahaina historical area could not be redistricted for any more development of hotels and such, UNLESS a natural disaster occurred. Seriously? What are the odds?

Like so many other indigenous peoples, Maui residents have been fighting everything from chem trails to greedy real estate developers. What started out for me as a straightforward “what do we know right now” article turned into a trail with many twists and turns. Maui is so much more than it appears to be. It is an ancient kingdom and a modern seat for the US Space Surveillance Complex, described by Dave Hodges as the eyes and ears of the United States Space Force. Was this military complex damaged, and if so, does China benefit from that? Does the deep blue Democratic governor/government of Hawaii benefit? We explore all of this in a two-part article.

What Caused The Fires?

There are many theories regarding the cause of the Maui fires, but the exact cause remains a mystery as of this writing. One of the leading theories is that the fires had natural causes. In 2022, Hawaii officials released a report ranking probable natural disasters. At the top of the list were tsunamis, but low-risk wildfires were at the bottom.

Fast forward a year or so, and the town of Lahaina has now been utterly decimated by the deadliest US wildfires in over 100 years. Lahaina is an ancient city that served as the former seat of the kingdom of Hawaii, which in 1893 was overthrown by a group of US sugar planters (one of whom installed himself as its president). After decades of treaties, the strategic use of Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor convinced Congress to formally annex Hawaii, which (some say by force) became a state in 1959.

Today in Lahaina, the death toll at this writing is nearly 100 people, with over an additional 1,000 people missing. Much of Hawaii was under a red flag fire warning when these fires started. The fires quickly spread from the brush outside Lahaina — so fast that people had to abandon their cars and jump into the ocean to escape the inferno. Maui County fires have increased since 2021 but the preparation for them has not followed suit, according to this report. Did Hawaiian officials underestimate the threat of wildfire? Other reports show that hurricane-force winds could very effectively fan the flames of wildfires. We are told that the winds from Hurricane Dora, hundreds of miles off the coast of southern Maui, did indeed fan the Maui flames. Officials have acknowledged a lack of focus on fire prevention, as well as a lack of necessary resources should fires occur. All reports recommended a thorough assessment of fire hazard. Did officials take the recommendation to heart?

Were they ill-prepared, or did something else happen?


Another prominent theory is that the flames were intentionally started by a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW), a theory that has been quickly discounted by the fact checkers at large. A DEW is a weapon that uses a beam of electromagnetic energy to attack enemy assets. High-energy lasers are one example, and there are several eyewitness accounts reporting (and showing) beams that fit this description.

Debunkers have explained to the rest of us that the beams were actually “light pillars,” a cold-weather optical illusion. Umm, ok. In the video below, the Maui fires are compared to the 2021 Paradise Valley, California fires. One has to admit that they are eerily similar. Did they both experience light pillars, or energy weapons? There are claims that photos like this are real, and there are claims that photos like this are fake. What isn’t fake though is that in January and February of 2023, green laser lights were seen over Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The lights were first seen by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), and the organization originally attributed them to a remote-sensing altimeter satellite ICESAT-2/43613 which is a NASA satellite. A week later, NAOJ quickly made a correction, instead attributing the green lasers to the Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite. Interestingly, several reports have noted that the Maui fires are occurring in a straight line.

Something is just not right about what is happening in Maui. Maybe the DEW theory should not be so readily dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

The fire seems to have uncharacteristic patterns; the video below shows everything burned except this church. How does that happen? Interestingly, the same phenomenon was reported in the Paradise Valley fire.

The Maui fire was so extreme that it melted metal. Cars were incinerated, as were metal roofs. Asphalt under melted cars and wheels however, remained intact, as did cardboard boxes!

Trees close to the fire did not burn and some are still green. They’re not even scorched. Can this happen? If so, how does this happen?

I learned during Hurricane Harvey that the mainstream media usually reports vastly different news than what is actually going on. Ever since, I have learned to rely on reports from “boots on the ground.”

I ran across this post from a Maui resident who drove 30 minutes into Lahaina that day to have lunch. There were no issues, no winds and no advisories on that drive, but shortly after reaching Lahaina, all hell broke loose. All electronics went down, even the 911 emergency system, which by definition and design is NEVER to go down. She describes the sudden winds of 60-80 mph and a rare rainless hurricane that uprooted trees and downed power poles. Has anyone ever heard of a rainless hurricane? I’ve lived on the Texas Gulf Coast for most of my life, and all hurricanes I’ve experienced to date have boatloads of rain.

In Lahaina that day, she says there were no evacuation sirens. Many people have since reported the utter failure of the emergency notification systems. She took a back route home that she knew by heart, luckily, since GPS was down. She and all her neighbors described the fires as very strange, and they even felt whooshing waves of energy in their heads in what felt like almost seizure-like activity. (But there was no energy weapon involved, say the fact-checkers). They all say this was not a random act of Mother Nature.

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