Shadowy group grabs 52 thousand acres near San Francisco – rumors swirling mysterious new city is about to be built…


from Revolver News:

Something very mysterious is unfolding in the Bay Area — Solano County, to be exact. The whispers around town are growing louder about a shadowy buyer who has gobbled up a whopping 52 thousand acres. Locals are abuzz after receiving surveys that are asking their thoughts on a “new city with tens of thousands of new homes.” Officials have verified the authenticity of these push polls that could be the very first glimpse into the secretive plans of a mysterious group called “Flannery Associates” and their new vision for a Bay Area empire. So, who is this group and what are they hiding? What grand designs are lurking in the shadows?


SF Gate:

The group, which incorporated in Delaware, where it is not required to name the people behind the business, has been the subject of speculation and even a possible government probe. Starting in 2018, Flannery began purchasing parcels of land from Fairfield to Rio Vista. (One of its first purchases was near Flannery Road in Rio Vista, possibly giving the group its name.) By its own admission, Flannery paid over the market rate to acquire that land, but in the years since, nothing has been developed on it. The group is now the largest landowner in the county.

The clandestine nature of the purchases — and the fact that Flannery’s properties now flank three sides of Travis Air Force Base — led to concerns about national security. Rep. Mike Thompson, whose district includes parts of Solano County, told SFGATE last week he has been “pushing” the Treasury Department, the Department of Defense and the FBI to investigate the acquisitions.

Screenshots of the survey reviewed by SFGATE show an extensive market research campaign. It starts by informing recipients that they will be weighing in on “a description of an initiative that might be on the ballot in Solano County next year” regarding a new development in eastern Solano County.

“This project would include a new city with tens of thousands of new homes, a large solar energy farm, orchards with over a million new trees, and over ten thousand acres of new parks and open space,” the survey continues.

Could this be one of those new “15 minute cities” we’ve all heard so much about? Since the surveys have been distributed through a survey site, the identity of those behind it remains a mystery, fueling intense speculation about their actual plans.

Since news of Flannery’s acquisitions broke, locals have speculated the buyer could be planning anything from a deep water port to a regional airport to even a nuclear power plant. But building a new city from scratch would present its own set of challenges. For one, the developer would need to acquire water rights to support large suburban housing tracts. And, according to Farley, it would need to change Solano County’s “orderly growth” policy, which restricts urban development in many parts of the county.

The chances of this venture being a new “Smart City” are very high. A perfect place to “lockdown” the masses both metaphorically and literally. Now, the pressing question on most people’s minds is likely this: will this new city also be flooded with human turds, needles, and homeless people, all living under the dark shadow of soaring crime rates and failing businesses? If liberals are running this new venture, the answer may very well be a resounding ‘YES!’

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