MITRE and the “Council of the Gods”


from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editors’s Note: The following exposé is as radioactive as it gets where it concerns the numerous public–private partnerships which have come to secretly define America’s fascist corporatocracy.
If there’s one non-profit corporation that represents the utterly incestuous and corrupt relationship between the U.S. Federal Government and extremely powerful not-for-profit organizations, it’s MITRE (aka The Mitre Corporation which has dual headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts, and McLean, Virginia).

What’s critical to understand is that none of the governmental, corporate and non-profit entities implicated below have a clue about who really controls them.  Not even the highest echelons within the Roman Catholic Church are aware of who is pulling the papal strings from behind the curtain. See: LAVENDER MAFIA: The 8oo Pound Gorilla in the Vatican

Therefore, the following extended essay is provided for the sake of identifying the true enemy of the human race.  How can the final World War possibly be won when the greatest foe of humanity walks the global battlefield completely unrecognized and unscathed.


State of the Nation
August 26, 2023

Council of the Gods – Part VI

Crowns, Cronies and Corporate Intelligence

Prussia Gate

This series has revealed the incredible power that large corporations had over government policy; many of which openly embraced a fascist ideology. We looked specifically at Legion, who was founded to prepare the United States people for war, and serve the interests of the monopolists who founded it. We learned that the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) was happy to use tax payer dollars to fund the KKK and other fascist organizations. This article will close-out this series.


When you scour declassified government files, you sometimes find random things. On this occasion we found that large corporations weren’t just influencing government decisions, they were being afforded significant levels of security access:

Source: CIA CREST Database

An internal CIA file-note reveals that Mitre Corporation appeared to be coaching the US intelligence agencies:

Now, to be fair, the eighties were a while ago; we should check if the Mitre Corporation even still exists.


Not only are they still around; business appears to be booming! They even look like they are running a modern version of Operation SAFE?

A search of the company’s website reveals they are a massive player in space technology, Artificial Intelligence, and cyber-security. We were particularly intrigued by a page on their website which lists “Government Innovation” as one of their nominated Focus Areas:

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