from State Of The Nation:

MAUIGEDDON PSYOP: They got away with it—AGAIN!

Really, how many naked acts of geoterrorism, pyroterrorism and weather terrorism need to take place before people wake the f*uck up?!?!?!
Maui is only the latest victim of the NWO geoterrorists to suffer a fate that many compare to “hell on Earth”. And, undoubtedly, the photos posted in the following exposé graphically portray that hellish conflagration.



Any reasonable person viewing those pictures of utter devastation would come to the very same conclusion: the genocidal inferno was a deliberate manmade event designed to wipe out the town in just a few hours. Which it did.

That folks cannot see the obvious arson and use of DEWs in this horrific bioterrorist attack is quite shocking.   Yes, microwave weaponry produces exactly the type of firestorms that just blew through Lahaina.

That the Lahaina residents do not view the hard evidence on the ground and understand that they have been savagely burned out of their town is inconceivable.

That most everyone watching this Khazarian-produced CLIMATEGEDDON show has been taken in by the CO2-driven climate change hoax is as sad as it gets for humanity.

And, it’s this complete lack of common sense … of human reasoning … of critical thinking that has put all of America into a roiling stew pot that only gets hotter by the week.

Even very smart people, aware people, people with the critical thinking skills intact, resist the notion that these never-ending firestorms are deliberately started by geoengineers and pyroterrorists in the employ of the New World Order globalist cabal.

KEY POINT: Just as Americans have been relentlessly conditioned to believe that every mass shooting is a genuine white supremacist-perpetrated massacre, and not a CIA-conducted, Gladio-style, false flag MCE, they have been mind controlled into believing these nonstop pyroterrorist-triggered conflagrations are natural events.

When a great majority of the human race willfully rejects the truth that’s put before them in glowing color and flames, for whatever reason, the outcome will not be good.

What truth?


Does “climate change” do that? Or is it geoengineering, meant to LOOK LIKE
“climate change,” and scare us into giving up our lives, to “save the planet”?

Much more importantly, when people will not even defend themselves against highly destructive and deadly attacks such as these, or assaults of any kind, what good are they?

No one ever calls for any accountability or investigations or prosecutions or punishment of any kind.

Really, the f*ck good are they to themselves, to their families, to their neighborhoods, to their churches, to their businesses, to their communities, to their towns, to their cities, to their states, their countries. That they won’t even defend themselves and their children against the barbarians among US?!

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