JPMorgan Processed $1.1 Million From Jeffrey Epstein To “Girls Or Women” Despite Firing Him As Client


from ZeroHedge:

JPMorgan Chase facilitated over $1.1 million in payments from Jeffrey Epstein to “girls or women,” despite having fired the convicted sex offender as a client, an attorney representing the US Virgin Islands told a judge on Monday.

Many of the girls had Eastern European surnames, according to a filing by attorney Linda Singer to Manhattan federal judge Jed Rakoff.


Over $320,000 of the payments were made to “numerous individuals for whom JPMorgan had no previously identified payments,” Singer wrote, accusing the bank of failing to disclose the payments until after the end of discovery – the period in which parties in a lawsuit exchange evidence.

Singer has since asked Rakoff to impose monetary damages on the bank for failing to provide the information during discovery, and order the bank to turn over “all financial records for any newly disclosed girls or women to whom Epstein made payments,” CNBC reports.

The Virgin Islands in its suit alleges that JPMorgan facilitated and financially benefited from sex trafficking by Epstein of young women during the years when he was a client.

Epstein maintained a residence on a private island in the American territory where he sexually abused scores of women, and during that time kept tens of millions of dollars on deposit at JPMorgan.

JPMorgan says it cut ties to Epstein in 2013. But Monday’s court filing challenges the bank’s timeline. -CNBC

According to a spokeswoman for the bank, Patricia Wexler, “There is no proof this is accurate.”

The USVI claims that documents recently turned over by JPMorgan contains new, previously unseen information that had been sought by the DA. It was assembled internally by the bank in October 2019, over three months after Epstein was arrested on federal child sex trafficking charges.

There is no legitimate reason for JPMorgan failing to identify payments to girls or women the bank itself identified as being related to Epstein — and potential evidence of Epstein’s sex trafficking venture — years before receiving the USVI’s discovery requests,” reads the filing, adding that a spreadsheet prepared by JPMorgan listing the dates and beneficiaries of more than 9,000 transactions payable to Epstein-related individuals between 2005 and 2019, “had a combined value of over $2.4 billion.”

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