Disease X Is the Darling Dream Of Vaccinology, mRNA Heart Damage May Be Permanent


by Dr. Peter McCullough, America Outloud:

In the aftermath of the global trauma of COVID-19, humanity may be faced with a new potential threat: Disease X. Indeed, the work has already begun on a Disease X vaccine. Today, health officials disclosed that British scientists are at the forefront of an effort to formulate a vaccine that could stop the next lethal pandemic within 100 days of its emergence. (Data Conomy) Disease X vaccine under works:

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– Disease X is a term coined by the World Health Organization for an unknown pathogen that could cause a future pandemic, and scientists worldwide are working to develop a vaccine in preparation.
– British scientists at a top-secret lab in Porton Down are leading the effort to create a vaccine that could halt a lethal pandemic within 100 days of its emergence, focusing on various high-risk pathogens.
– While there are several theories on what might become Disease X, from bird flu to antibiotic resistance, the exact nature of this potential threat remains unknown, and it could emerge from various sources, including biological mutation or zoonotic transmission.
– Countries and organizations around the world have committed over $1.5 billion, with additional investments from private entities, to support the creation of a Disease X vaccine, significantly boosting research capacity and collaboration.
– Concerns over global migration, climate change, urbanization, and close proximity between humans and animals are heightening the risks, emphasizing the urgent need for preparedness, as seen in the rapid response to COVID-19 and the readiness to counter emerging global health threats.

Growing Concern Vaccine Heart Damage in Adolescents May be Permanent

Hong Kong Study Finds 58% of COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Confirmed by MRI Not Resolved at One Year

Almost every day the news brings another story of a young person dying of cardiac arrest. It is a sickening realization that COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis could leave a zone of scar in the heart, risking the chance of ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, and cardiac arrest at any time. Recently Hulscher et al. have conclusively shown by autopsy that COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis can be fatal.

Now a Hong Kong study by Yu and colleagues have found that of young persons who had heart damage confirmed by MRI and who underwent a second scan one year later, 58% had residual abnormalities suggesting a scar could be forming in the heart muscle.

Forty adolescents, mean age of 15, mostly boys, were evaluated. It was notable that 73% had no cardiac symptoms, so without an evaluation, the parents would have had no idea their child was suffering heart damage from the COVID-19 vaccine. Approximately 18% of cases initially had reduced left ventricular ejection fraction indicating they were at risk for the development of heart failure.

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Peggy – Hello, Malcolm and Dr McCullough. I just listened to your latest broadcast TWICE. I almost lept out of my chair with excitement when you said that the Arcturus variant DOES NOT INVOLVE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM AT ALL! I, like Malcolm’s wife, survived the Delta virus by the grace of God. I have Bronchiectasis (not bronchitis) and, as a result, colonized NTM (non-tuberculosis mycobacterium) in my lungs. Delta hit my lungs in a big way, and I have been very careful about getting sick again. As a result, I have missed a lot of life important to this 63 year old, normally active Mom & Grandma. I especially miss going to church, as I have faithfully attended for 30 years. I have followed this program for almost 3 years and have your protocol on hand. I really wanted to touch base with you two, whom I trust, to be SURE that I am not at risk with this variant of being hospitalized again if I get it. I will not allow COVID fear to rule my life anymore if it truly doesn’t harm my lungs any longer. Thank you for telling us the truth!

Connie – My husband received a Covid shot about 2 weeks after this all started–I did not. I’m an RN and did not believe it. After my husband came home after his shot, he ended up in the hospital with a PE, and I lost my taste & smell. It has never returned. I have tried Dr. Ardis’s tx of nicotine patches & gum, but nothing. Any help you can give me would SURELY be appreciated!

Phillip – I want to ask Dr McCullough to review new research on mRNA technology by microbiologist Kevin McKernan. This research reveals the inherent danger if DNA is present within the LNP. I hope it is the beginning of the end of mRNA use in vaccines and food supply. You probably know this, but an interview can be found on Rumble (THEHCC.tv) with McKernan and Dr. Bhakdi, and Mercola provides a nice summary.

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