CHRIS WRAY STRIKES AGAIN! Georgia Election Workers Caught Jamming Stacks of Ballots Through Machines Multiple Times After Observers Removed from Building – CLEARED BY FBI – Jamming Stacks of Selected Ballots Through Voting Machines Is Now Legal in the USA!


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:


A new report released in June by the FBI concluded that the female and male Georgia Poll Workers who jammed stacks of ballots through voting machines numerous times on election night 2020 after observers were sent home — did nothing wrong!


According to the report that was recently released the “bulk of the investigation appears to have been conducted in December 2020 and January 2021, but both the State Election Board and the Georgia Secretary of State’s office was backed up reviewing claims.”

Here again is video of the election workers pulling hidden suitcases out from under a draped table, jamming the ballots through the machines multiple times.  It should be noted that this was not just happening at one table but according to The Gateway Pundit research the election workers were doing this at multiple tables.

So the same people who said nothing about this in 2020 – Gabriel Sterling, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Chris Wray at the FBI, and Bill Barr at the DOJ – approve of this report.

According to the FBI and GBI in Georgia: It is now legal to close the doors of the election centers, banish observers and press, and start ramming stacks of ballots through the voting machines three times or more!

The report comes just days prior to President Trump’s latest string of indictments in Georgia on speech crimes.

Chris Wray’s FBI has now made cheating in elections legal in America today!

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