‘Bidenomics’ Is Literally Killing Americans As Suicides Hit All-Time High In 2022 After Declining In 2019 And 2020 – Food Prices Will Not Go Down, And Inflation Started Rising Again In July


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

As inflation begins to rise once again, on top of the accrued inflation since Joe Biden began occupying the White House, with Americans unable to save for retirement, those ready to retire forced to continue working because they cannot afford the cost of living, and parents barely able to survive living paycheck to paycheck, we now see the rate of suicides for 2022 rose to all-time highs.

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We highlight “Bidenomics” because of the age groups seeing a rise and the age groups seeing a decline.

Via the CDC, which we may not trust as far as we can throw all their employees collectively, but when it comes to straight data compilation from individual states, their numbers in this specific area are easily verified.


Today, CDC is releasing the latest provisional estimates for suicide deaths in the United States in 2022. After declining in 2019 and 2020, suicide deaths increased approximately 5% in the United States in 2021. The provisional estimates released today indicate that suicide deaths further increased in 2022, rising from 48,183 deaths in 2021 to an estimated 49,449 deaths in 2022, an increase of approximately 2.6%. However, two groups did see a decline in numbers, American Indian and Alaska Native people (down 6.1%) and people 10-24 years old (down 8.4%).


The two groups that saw a decline are fascinating. First the Alaska Native people and Americans Indians, are groups that, according to the NCOA, “rank at, or near the bottom of, nearly every social, health, and economic indicator” already, so “Bidenomics” aka inflation and higher prices year after year without going down isn’t quite the “shock” to them as other Americans.

Compared to all other race or ethnic populations, AI/AN populations have the highest poverty rates (24.1%)—almost twice the national rate (12.8%). 

In 2020, the median income of AI/AN (alone) households was $45,877 compared to $64,994 for the entire nation. 

In 2019, 18.7% of AI/AN adults age 65+ lived at the poverty level, which is more than double the poverty rate for all older Americans (8.9%).1

As to the 10, which  those reaching adult status, 18-29 year age groups, about half of those that fit that category are still living with their older relatives, mainly their parents, who are the ones feeling the sticker shock every time they go to the grocery store.

Via Pew Research:

In July 2022, half of adults ages 18 to 29 were living with one or both of their parents. This was down from a recent peak of 52% in June 2020 but still significantly higher than the share who were living with their parents in 2010 (44% on average that year) or 2000 (38% on average).

The numbers for 2023 won’t be released until 2024.

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